To begin with, i apologize if there is already a blog that covers what am trying to do here, with the help of all of you. And maybe some wrong syntax here and there, since english is not my native language.

So, what is this blog about? Well, many of you (including me) are always interested about how to properly Iso your heroes (already covered by some popular users) and same happens with e-isos and a-isos. But i am also interested about how certain hero behaves when it comes to fight as AI.

So before i continue, i will give you some examples:

  • Some of you might like to use Rulk on offense in PvP, with Generosity  and Snappy Service. And you actually get some good results and think " Hey, since i like him like this on offense, i will put him on defense". But i have found that even if Bulwark is a QA skill, he tends to use it twice in the same turn and this goes against your idea of how to use him.
  • Or even simpler. At least according to me, Spiral is a hero who should spam her L2+Dance or at least it should use a random skill (followed by its dance). But instead, it seems she spam her L1+dance.

So this little details are unknown for some of you and might goes against the reasons you put that hero in defense on the first place. Or maybe not.

And the main reason for this blog is that some times your favorites heroes are actually pretty good but they are not part of the meta (or at least not your personal meta) and you have no way to know how your hero bahaves in defense. But maybe the rest of us might know, and that information would end here.


For each individual hero

Iron Man

Black Widow

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