Hello everyone! I am Avengersoceror20 and this is my first blog on this site. Today I'm going to tell you about heroes in the game that I think Needs to be buffed. So let's get to it:


Nightcrawler is considered by many to be the worst hero in the game. However I think he can be buffed. Here's how he could be buffed. His shadow guard ability should be made a passive and be replaced with another ability of some sort. His stats should also be improved.

War Machine

War Machine is a hero that I have, but the reason people have War Machine is because of his premium mission. I think he can be buffed. I think he should have a passive called: Superior Tactician, which would make his attacks more critical. Also his Repulsor Ray should also give an opponent a debuff.


Daredevil, the man without fear. I once noticed how none of my allies in the game have Daredevil, and I asked them why does no one have Daredevil? Their response was all the same: Daredevil sucks. His Radar Sense should be made a passive and replaced with another power. He should also have a passive protect, because in the comics he has risked his life to protect others, so he should be the only 48 CP hero that has protect.

There are alot of heroes in the game that can be improved. However we probably will have to wait for these heroes and several others to be buffed. My questions are: What other heroes that can be buffed? Which heroes deserve to be nerfed?

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