• Avengersorceror20

    Hello everyone! I am Avengersoceror20 and this is my first blog on this site. Today I'm going to tell you about heroes in the game that I think Needs to be buffed. So let's get to it:

    Nightcrawler is considered by many to be the worst hero in the game. However I think he can be buffed. Here's how he could be buffed. His shadow guard ability should be made a passive and be replaced with another ability of some sort. His stats should also be improved.

    War Machine is a hero that I have, but the reason people have War Machine is because of his premium mission. I think he can be buffed. I think he should have a passive called: Superior Tactician, which would make his attacks more critical. Also his Repulsor Ray should also give an opponent a debu…

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