• Aurumsummers

    New Hero: Banshee (Infiltrator)



                - Immune to ground attacks

       Sonic Senses

                - Takes significantly less damage from Disoriented and Nauseated targets

                - Chance to preemptively counters Disoriented and Nauseated targets

                - Immune to Disoriented and Nauseated

       Speed of Sound

                - Chance to avoid melee and ranged attacks


    LVL1: Sonic Scream

    Stamina Cost:



    # of Hits:




    One Enemy




    Ranged Sonic


                - Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities

       True Strike

                - Ignores most avoidance effects

       Ignore Defense

                - Ignore enemy defenses

                - Attacks penetrate shield statuses

       Nauseated (3 rounds)

                - …

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  • Aurumsummers

    New Hero: Silver Surfer (Scrapper/Bruiser)



                - Immune to ground attacks

       Cosmic Converter

                - Convert ranged energy attacks into Power Cosmic, raises all stats of Silver Surfer

                - Converts direct energy attacks into health

                - Converts nearby energy attacks into stamina

       Defensive Projection (Scrapper)

                - High chance to preemptively counters melee and ranged attacks

                - Immune to Enraged effect of Bruisers when being attacked

       Cosmic Response (Scrapper)

                - All party member ignore Cosmic Divide effects when attacking

       Offensive Projection (Bruiser)

                - High chance to protect allies from single or area attacks

                - Immune to Critical Hit effect of Blasters when bein…

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