Oh well, another season has ended. Ended up with this:

Tournament Season 8
Vibranium League


Rating 1,489
Wins 570
Losses 525

Opened my game and, well, what can we expect? A 282-point loss. Brought me down to the 1300 range. Man, that felt so bad. The rating you worked so hard to achieve, lost just like that. (Free Player here, so getting to the 1600 range took lots of battles.)

Well, used my five energy and won them. Had to go to work. Opened my game on the lunch break. Woah! Down to 1,150!

Well, I battled all I can. Had to get back to work and managed to get to the 1300 range again. After work, I just sat and tried to battle my way to try and get to high ratings again. But for every attack I make, I will get two defenses. All I can do is keep myself in the 1300~. Red Hulk just got farther and farther from reach.

As the end drew near, I even got in danger of dropping out of Vibranium. What a pain. Well, all I could do was negate the defense losses. Well, no problem. I got a glimpse of Adamantium and that means I'm improving from the last seasons. Just have to count my blessings. An armor, a weapon, 10 Gold, 100K Silver. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Better luck next season. Now, to farm Command point icon for Rulk...

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