Day 1

Tasks 1-5

  • Done all with one run of Mission 1. Even did the deploy within the Spec Op.

Task 6

  • Started research and slept on it.

Day 2

Task 7

  • Battled chemtech troops on mission 2. Done.

Task 8

  • Had about 40 CP. Spent a lot of energy to farm for Iron Man's alt. Got it. Battled Zemo and friends in 12.2. Done.

Task 9

  • Already done by this time since I got two stars in one run of mission 1.

Task 10

  • Did my daily five battles. Since I'm lingering around the Silver League, the battles were fast and easy.

Task 11

  • Started Research. Commence CP Farming.

Day 3

Wasn't able to play this day.

Day 4

Task 11

  • Collected research. Done.

Continued farming CP. Had 0 when this day started. Haha!

Day 5

Task 12

  • Got 20 CP from the daily reward. Bought Union Jack. Battled Blizzard. Done.

Task 13

  • Battled Epic Boss to use Rescue's Fly-by. Done

Task 14

  • Still lingering around Gold, so 3 battles were easy.

Task 15

  • Went to 12.2. Got some experience for UJ. Used 3 plates. Done.

Task 16

  • Started Research. Then, decided to go do some PVP. (Woah, so many Phoenix!)

Day 6

Still researching. Skip? Nah. CP Farm.

Day 7

Task 16

  • Research over. Done.

Task 17

  • Run Mission 2. Done.

Task 18

  • Already done.

Task 19

  • Did this on the Epic fight. Done. Also got Mission 2 to 3 stars.

Task 20

  • Hunted down directors in Mission 3, then Mission 1. Done. Left the mission with the boss set up for three bird remaining.

Task 21

  • Visited Allies. More than enough.

Task 22

  • Continued mission 1. Half done. Went to Mission 3. Done. Stars at 3-3-3.

Task 23

  • Made a miscalculation so I had to go and run Mission 3 again. Good thing there was enough ISO.

Task 24

  • At this point stars were at 3-3-4. Done.

Task 25

  • ISO wasn't enough, but then the fanpage gave 50 again. Sweet! Done!

And with that, Rescue is recruited. I'm confident I can five-star all the missions.

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