Dark Reign for Spec Ops Story? Seems nice. It has a very different plot. Ares for reward? I don't have a problem with another Bruiser being added to the roster. Looks good from the outset. Let's see if he's a monster. Well, get your 440 Unstable ISOs and proceed with the tasks.

Task Progress

It's 8 in the morning here in the Philippines when I woke up. Notification from the MAA Facebook page says Spec Op 12 is now live. Nice! Well, I can go play some MAA before I do the things I need to do for the day. It's already Saturday here so there's not really much.

SC-Alpha Task Icon Task 1: Test Our Mettle

  • Defeat 5 Test Subjects.
  • Seems like there isn't enough of them. Aren't we battling too many of them in Season 2? Apparently not. I'm looking forward to the Circle of 8, so we can face new grunts. Enough with my ranting. I battled two Medium Threats and it's done.

Deploy Task Icon Task 2: S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Field

  • Complete 2 deploys.
  • I did one in the Spec Op; the other one outside (I left one last night so just one battle and it's ready for collection). Do it outside if you please. Conserving ISOs is never a bad idea.

Ironclad Task Icon Task 3: Know thy Foe

  • Defeat Ironclad.
  • We already know this type of tasks can only be done within the Spec Op. Well, I battled the mini-boss separately. I decided to take up the first set of tasks in one run. Not sure at this point if it would be efficient. Well, relatively easy battle.

Bishop 1 Task Icon Task 4: Here and Now

  • Use Bishop in combat.
  • The PVP reward team-up is early this time. I'm pretty sure this can be done outside of the Op if you own him. At this point, none of us do. You may wait, if you're confident about getting Adamantium. I can't wait. I'm impatient. So, let's battle Pinky. (Nice scarf, Bishop. :D)

Gift of Battle Task Icon Task 5: Gift from the Gods

  • Use Hercules's Gift of Battle.
  • If you don't own Macho Man Hercules, you'll gonna have to this in two runs. If you do, you can do it outside the Op. Outside the Op for me.

Stealth Field Task Icon Task 6: Never See Us Coming

  • Research the Stealth Field to complete this task.
  • Start the research. Time to wait for 8 hours.
  • Came back after 8 hours. Research done.

Ares 1 Task Icon Task 7: Ares-ted Development

  • Defeat Ares.
  • If anyone is actually reading this, then please learn from my mistake. Running Mission 1 twice is better. The Score Challenge 1 would be hard (maybe impossible) if you solo Ares so you won't be accomplishing it simultaneously if you did it with one run. At least two-bird is needed to get that score. Oh well, I battled Ares solo. This task is done. Bad scores mean I only got one star so I have to go back. I want to finish the 1st score challenge and get two stars in M1.

PVP Task Icon Task 8: Show Your Determination

  • Complete 5 PVP Battles
  • 5 PVP Battles? Aren't we doing 5 a day to get the lockboxes and the roulette? Done.

Ares 1 Task Icon Score Challenge 1: Meet in Glorious Battle

  • In the second run, I did the three-bird and whipped out the Doombringer. Done.

Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Task 9: Two For One

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1.
  • After my second run, I achieved 3 stars. Done.

Ares 1 Task Icon Task 10: The True God of War

  • Use Ares in Combat.
  • Started Mission 2. I'll confess. I exploited a bug. I loaded one medium threat and there's Ares. No hesitation. Turns out it ain't a bug. Conscience clean! (Or not.) I started the fight and the task is completed. There's hope for at least a two-bird here.
  • I'm running this to epic.

Power Cell Task Icon Task 11: I Have The Power

  • Create the Power Cell in the Lab.
  • Start it. 24 hours of waiting. If you still have some energy, farm CP in case you don't have the needed heroes (Shatterstar, Hercules, Thor) yet. It's nice that Shatterstar and Hercules will help with the progress in Season 2, so it's nice to recruit them. Thor is still massively useful in both PVP and PVE. If you already have them, good for you. Maybe go outside and get some fresh air. Do what you gotta do.
  • Collected the research after 24 hours. Done.

Crush Your Enemies Task Icon Task 12: What is Best in Life?

  • Use Ares' Crush Your Enemies.
  • Turns out it ain't a bug after all. Well, thanks Playdom. I opened a High Threat. Used the move twice. Once is enough, but it never hurts to have an allowance. Done.

Dark Widow Task Icon Task 13: The Little Spider

  • Defeat Dark Widow
  • After the fight above, Dark Widow appeared. My decision is to battle her separately. Ooh, nice sexy dialogue artwork. Oh, wait, we're here to kick here arse. Quite the easy battle. Done. (Haha! Gotta love how Herc hit on Natasha in the closing dialogue.)

Dark Hawkeye Task Icon Task 14: Eye to Eye

  • Defeat Dark Hawkeye.
  • Hah! Good thing it isn't Emma on the team-up. I'm training her. So, let's give Dark Hawkeye a go. Did the two-bird with Moonstone. Got a score of over 100K so...

Dark Hawkeye Task Icon Score Challenge 2: Splitting Arrows

  • Simultaneously completed this thing. Nice. Messed up a few things, so the score could've been higher.

Art of War Task Icon Task 15: All War Is Deception

  • Use Ares' Art of War 2 Times.
  • Ares is the team-up in the Venom fight. Let's get it on. Cannot really get the Doombringer to full capacity in this fight, but got a score of over 100K. Not bad. Done.

Power Cell Mk II Task Icon Task 16: We Have The Power

  • Upgrade the Power Cell to the Power Cell Mk II in the Lab.
  • Collected. Done.

Distress Calls Task Icon Task 17:Rally The Troops

  • Use 3 Distress Calls
  • I figured it's best to do this outside the Op. Looking ahead, we have to battle 10 thugs inside spec Op later which means we shall start mission 3. If we battle three times, we might not have enough of them. It happens that I have an open mission. Three distress calls. Easy-peasy.

Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Task 18: Reach For The Stars

  • Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2
  • Already done. We're good.

PVP Task Icon Task 19: Show Your Might

  • Win 3 PVP Battles
  • Again. We're getting that 5 wins a day, so actually a good task (unless you're banned).

Enforcer 2 Task Icon Task 20:Street Sweeper

  • Defeat 10 Street Thugs
  • Alright. Mission 3 start. Let's look for them thugs... But first, let me have some dinner. :D
  • Okay. Tummy filled. 2 Hard Fights. Done.

Elektra 1 Task Icon Task 21: Seeing Red

  • Use Elektra in Combat
  • Screw this! Impatience won over me again. Change of plans. I'll battle Vulture solo here. Done.

Dark Thor Task Icon Task 22: Thou Art No Thor

  • Defeat Dark Thor
  • Then, I two-bird Pretend Wolvie to defeat Dark Thor. Done.

Dark Wolverine Task Icon Score Challenge 3: The Best There Are

  • Defeat Dark Wolverine with a Score over 105000.
  • Did this at the same time as defeating Dark Thor. Two-bird + Doombringer + Quadruple Team-Up Bonus (X-23) = 142,500. Score challenge done and two stars achieved.

Dark Wolverine Task Icon Task 23: Like Father, Like Son

  • Defeat Dark Wolverine
  • Second run. Three-bird whipped up enough score to get 4 stars. Neat.

Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Task 24: Mission Accomplished

  • Complete 3 Stars of Mastery in all Spec Op 12 Missions
  • I need another epic run of mission 2 to get the 3rd star there. Time to rest it out. Low on ISO.
  • Alright. Another run of mission 2 to epic. Got two more stars. Fantastic.

Venom Task Icon Score Challenge 4: Get This Guy a Bib

  • Defeat Venom with a Score over 50000.
  • This is a giveaway for higher level players.

Venom Task Icon Task 25: Anti-Venom

  • Defeat Venom
  • Alright. Venom fight. Done. And I got the Sonic Blaster. Is it something good? We'll see.

Ares Recruited


Mission 1: Damage Control

  • Stars: 5
  • Total runs: 6
  • Cumulative Score: 2,038,11

Mission 2: The Best Defense

  • Stars: 5
  • Total Runs: 5
  • Cumulative Score: 2,562,982

Mission 3: Gathering Darkness

  • Stars: 5
  • Total Runs: 4
  • Cumulative Score: 2,213,758

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