Spec Ops 5

(Whatever happened to Vision? Well, I'm not complaining, just wondering. I like this better, actually.)

Well, Valkyrie's here. Looks like we got a good spec ops here, folks. I say so because the storyline is interesting, revolving around a nasty plot from Loki. Also, the duration is quite long. She's not one of my favorite character so my efforts in this spec ops would be way less than the previous one. In any case, it would still be a nice goal to get her (plus the other rewards from the ops).

Day 1

Daily Reward: Runestone (er, socket that thing).

Completed task 1-5 and started the Mead Horn Research.

Day 2

Daily reward: 10 Gold (Sweet!)

Mead Horn Research complete. Proceeded and completed tasks 7 and 8.

Decided to do some PVP. My rating is being hurt from AFK (and on-keyboard as well, LVL 95 and I'm being paired to people at levels 100-108). So I'm trying to improve my rating. After that, did some ally visits and used the energy to do Spiderman's Premium. I need to level up pass 100 fast.

I came back and saw that my energy is quite filled. I finished up tasks 9 & 10 (I already got 2 stars from my mission 1 first run so that was accomplished automatically. :D)

Started Upgrading Laufey's Knife. Waiting 24 hours...

Day 3

Daily Reward: 20x Unstable ISO-8 (oh well, 2 battles)

Laufey's Knife Upgrade Completed. Laufey's Needle received. Task 11 done.

Back after a good 7-hour sleep, but it's not Day 4 yet on the MAA clock. Decided to start mission 2 to get to task 12 (Defeat Executioner). After defeating him, I got one The Crippler (meh), and the mission is now on 3 stars. I also leveled up. Yay! Energy replenished!

The distress calls are already set up, so this one's pretty fast. All I need to do is collect 3. Task 13 done.

Did a minimal run on mission 1.5. Teamed up twice with Thor. Task 14 done. (With a bonus of 3 CP. Sweet!)

Jets are sent prior to completing Task 14. After the mission, collection is done. Task 15 done.

Went back later and the gift limit was reset. Reached 137 U-ISO. Started research on Odin's Staff. Waiting 48 Hours... (Two days to farm CP)

Day 4

Daily Reward: 100 Unstable ISO-8 (Nice timing.)

Upgrade ongoing. CP Farming Mode.

Day 5

Daily Reward: 100 Unstable ISO-8 (Cool. Good thing I haven't accepted gifts yet. So today, I'm only collecting Energy.)

Odin's Staff is still 9 hours away. CP Farming commence...

Went back later and the Upgrade is finished. Task 16 done. But there's something to do for real life, so next tasks postponed for later.

Day 6

Daily Reward: Dexterous ISO-8 Shard (Crap. Didn't know you could get something like that. Meh. >.< ) Started mission 3. Teamed up with Valkyrie to finish Task 17.

Dang. I forgot to check for the desired Mission Start for this. Had to run Mission 3 twice. What a waste of U-ISOs. Oh well, it contributes to the stars. Keep positive. Task 18 Shadow Boxing done.

Collected U-ISO Gifts. Task 19 done.

Wrecking Boys wrecked. Task 20 done.

Fought and won a PVP match. Task 21 done.

This time, I'm really sleepy. Gotta go back tomorrow for the next tasks.

My timezone is different from the clock M:AA is following. Well, I've had my sleep but it's not yet another day in the game. Battled the Mini-Boss (I did the other half of the Wrecking Crew in 5.3) and used Valkyrie's Flight 4 times (just to be safe). Task 22 done.

Fought Loki. Task 23 done.

Hmm, I guess I'll leave task 24 and 25 for later. CP farming for now. I still don't have Kitty, Hank, and Logan.

Day 7

Daily Reward: 20x Unstable ISO-8 (Fine...)

Still on CP Farming...

Day 8

Daily Reward: 20x Unstable ISO-8 (Again?)

CP Farming continues + some PVP.

Day 9

Daily Reward: Dexterous ISO-8 Shard (Crap!)

PVP mode...

Day 10

I decided to stop updating my daily rewards. I'll just be putting it here if I get something nice (10 Gold or 20 CPs). XD

Still farming...

Day 15+

Haven't got a notable daily reward. Most satisfying is the 100 U-ISO. What luck.

Still need 116 CPs! Whew!

Finally, 20 CP! Lost track of the days. Oh well. Still need 70 CPs.

In my game, it was 7 days remaining. I got another 20 CPs from the Daily Reward, and a few more farming did it (with a little help from Marvel XP - 5 CPs). Recruited Logan and it's the road to getting Valkyrie. I almost splurged my energy reserves to get Valkyrie, but decided to wait another day (unusual, because I'm impatient, very impatient). With 6 days remaining, I did task 24 and 25 and finally recruited Valkyrie.

Been doing the SO Missions to level up my new heroes and add stars. So far, I got 5 stars in mission 1, 3 stars in Mission 2, and 3 stars in Mission 3. Got 1400+ U-ISOs on the stash. Hopefully, with gifts and stuff, I can 5-star them all.

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