Hi there!

Spec Ops ended, Season 2 PVP running. I'm quite happy that I was able to recruit Ghost Rider. (Down to 8 Gold and 8CP.) I had to let go of some gold that I was saving but that's no issue. I recruit characters based on how much I like them in the comics, no other basis. If they're good in PVP (like Captain America), then lucky for me. If not (like Hulk), then it's still fun they're on my roster. Ghost Rider does not disappoint. He's on my team now and he's doing pretty good, helping me reach Vibranium league when he was only at level 2. 

In any case, there's something I've learned about playing this game. Before, I had many complaints but then I realized how they didn't make sense and I'm better off enjoying it. Since I'm not paying for anything, it should come as no surprise that I'll find difficulty in the PVP. In my current meta, I get paired about 80% of the time to paying players who have premium weapons on their arsenal. I lost some games, but I get lucky on some. Being able to stay at the Vibranium league this season is an achievement already. I'm still trying to shoot for Adamantium, though, even if it's unlikely.

Current team:

Generalist Agent (Sinister Scepter, Phoenix Pinion, Faulteater, Sign Post)

WW2 Tactician Cap - LVL 12

Ghost Rider - LVL 8

I don't have a separate AFK team. I can't seem to find a good one. I was previously using Magik (both on-keyboard and AFK) before recruiting GR and she brought me down to Gold League while being LVL 12. AI can't use her with any effectiveness at all. I'm still losing AFK fights with GR, but on a lower percentage. Anyway, here's my roster. Can you think of a good AFK team? If not, then that's okay. I'm up for volume fighting like PKB recommends.


  • Black Panther (LVL 10)
  • Captain America (LVL 12, WW2)
  • Cyclops (LVL 11)
  • Hawkeye (LVL 11)
  • Mr. Fantastic (LVL 11)


  • Dr. Strange (LVL 11) - planning to buy his Tactician Modern Alt
  • Iron Man (LVL 11)


  • Hercules (LVL 7)
  • Hulk (LVL 12)
  • Thing (LVL 12)


  • Daredevil (LVL 5)
  • Iron Fist (LVL 11)
  • Magik (LVL 12)
  • Quicksilver (LVL 7)
  • Ghost Rider (LVL 8) - full exp, too bad I still got Cyclops in training I need to wait 12 more hours but I'll train GR as soon as possible


  • Black Widow (LVL 11)
  • Gambit (LVL 5)
  • Spiderman (LVL 12)


Well, I am reserving gold to be able to buy the Quantum Jumper. As of now, I don't plan to put real money into this game. I got another hobby (Magic: the Gathering) which I would rather put my money at.

I'd like to recruit all non-Limited Edition Heroes eventually, but my priority is the ones I love in the comics (I only recruited Herc, QS, DD, and Gambit to get GR. Though I love Herc and DD). So that would be Nightcrawler, Human Torch, Scarlet Witch and the upcoming Deadpool. Good thing I'm not really a fan of Vision, so I'd only work for the Weapons in the next Spec Ops.

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