I just realized I'm at the point that there's some flexibility in my roster that I have been using different teams. Back in the earlier seasons, I was just like, Cap A and someone. Slowly, I have built up my roster primarily with the SO requirements.

The thing is the metagame is also evolving. I'm facing varied teams now. So, I'm rotating teams and hope for the best. Of course, you still do situational analysis and tactics.

Well, just wanted to share PVP experiences since I just became active again.


Punisher Omega Sentinel

I call this the toolbox team because of just how much these two can do. There's probably over 9000 directions you can go depending on turn order, enemy classes, opponent team setup, and a lot more factors. This is the team I'm having most fun right now.


Captain Britain Nightcrawler

Well, they are members of the Excalibur. This is my pure offensive team and requires much less thinking than the Toolbox. I alternate between Nightcrawler's alts, but Infiltrator seems more successful.


Magneto Rescue

The Magnetized status is pretty swell. This team is working better than I expected. This is the team I use the rarest though. Just not my playstyle.

Paragon Civilization

Mockingbird Captain Britain

Self-explanatory, I guess. Almost as straightforward as Excalibur. I think the lack of Stealthy tricks makes this inferior though.

Addicted to Turns

Quicksilver Omega Sentinel

Well, easy to recognize. Basically, you get 5 turns a round. Quite effective. When I started using this team, I equipped my agent with QJ. I realized it wasn't quite optimal. Better giving that slot to some supportive or damage dealing weapon.

Agent Loadout

If my roster has become flexible, I think my agent setups is the opposite. I don't really have a lot of nice weapons. Well, no, that's wrong. I got a lot of nice weapons, but they are outleveled already. My agent setup pretty much doesn't change whichever team I am using. I rely on the Golden Tyrant Blade for damage, SignPost for added longevity, alternating between MFG and QJ, and Scroll of Angolob or something else. When I use the Excalibur team, I sometimes equip the Golden Feral Claw to hasten the bleeds. I find the hemorrhages are no joke. It has enabled me a lot of times to bring down heavyweight opponents (superior bonuses both armory and heroes). Armory is sitting at 65k/65K with attack higher by a few hundreds. I am facing guys with 20K-40K higher armories, but they're manageable. Nowhere near easy, just manageable. I win some, I lose some. I don't have a separate AFK team. I just leave the team I used last.

Collection Progress

90 lockboxes opened. 6 covers, 3 dupes. Dang.

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