Punisher! One of my favorite characters...

Well, when I found out he's the Adamantium Prize, I was motivated to play PVP. Got to 230 or so attacks. But I didn't make it to the Adamantium League.


There, Vibranium. I didn't get Punisher, but still, those are nice prizes. I'm afraid I'm still not getting the hang of PVP. Look at that, my win-loss ratio is very meh (goes about 5:4). Most losses are from AFK, by the way.

The Team

My main team:

Generalist Agent (Trench, 6 slots)

Quantum Jumper Hoarfrost Mace Sinister Scepter Scroll of Angolob

Dr. Strange (Modern Tactician)

Dr. Strange Icon Large 2

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Icon Large 1

Lessons Learned

What are the things this season made me realize?
  • Get your head in the game. Well, it's not that we need to be extremely focused on what's happening. I change tabs when it's the enemy's turn. The animations plus the showing of buffs/debuffs/effects are so damn slow. But the thing is, I have to learn to check everything before I click. I lost a few battles because I didn't realize my character had Mental Anguish, or someone has Mind Link, etc. etc. Take time on checking the status of the character and your supposed target.
  • I need to be aware of my game plan. I have lost a few battles because I got excited and use QJ, not realizing my agent is not yet in Astral Form. Those little things can really be devastating.
  • Predict, but don't assume anything. Well, my team revolves around DoTs. (Yeah, yeah, I'm going against the meta because of all the P5 Emma Frosts around, but that's my most effective team as of now.) So there, I calculate if the damage trigger will kill a character and just blast a hard-hitting move on someone with higher health, but then Cosmic Power kicks in so the character I left alone survives to mess me up. Didn't really cost me battles as much as the previous two, but it still made things difficult.
  • Seal the kill. Just that. If I can kill a character in a certain turn, I should do it.
  • Particularly for Ghost Rider: I should stop waiting out to maximize the Vengeance I can get from Burn Out. Yeah, that's how you play GR, right? To make him an exploding Volcano. But really, you can't expect a massive Sin stack when P5 Emma is there. In my last few days of playing, I find that (assuming relatively equal armory and hero bonuses) 5-7 Vengeance is enough.
  • Experimenting is for the early stages. Well, all the P5 EFs made me a bit mad so I replaced Dr. Strange with Kitty Pryde so she doesn't spam that Mental Trauma. But pairing gave me the middle finger by pairing me with a team with no Emma, but with Quicksilver three times in a row! And as I am already at upper Vibranium, those Quicksilvers are massively strong, taking out up to one third of Kitty's health with every Blinding punches. I didn't take my chances with a fourth match. Back to Dr. Strange. To hell with Emma.
  • Recharge can sometimes save your a*s. Okay, I recharge a lot with my agent because of Astral Form. Not so much with Dr. Strange. But when both his non-attacking moves are on cooldown, and you are being forced to hit an Infiltrator Tank agent, better recharge. Why? Well, Strange may survive the counterattack and gain a charge of Mystic Energy for his troubles, but you are giving that agent Combat Reflexes. He can then bypass my tanking agent. Directing his next attack to Strange and poof! No more Dr. Strange.
  • Most of all, enjoy the game.


Can I do better next season? I say, definitely! There are a lot of room for improvement.
  • Acquire more heroes. My roster is still small. Hero bonuses weigh more than armory. Looking at the numbers will show you that. Experience, more so. I ran into fights where I have about 10K+ advantage in armory bonus, but then my opponent has almost all the heroes. You'll definitely feel the difference while battling.
  • Do some practices and see what works while waiting for the next season. Experimenting may be nice during the early stages of the season, but it is even better done during this time.
  • Something I'm not so sure about: AFK. I don't change my team setup so maybe I can lose less if I change it. I may look at what my options are, see where that leads me.
  • I'm thinking of buying the blaster alt for Strange. Another thing I'm not so sure of. I can see some pros and cons. Pros: No fear of counterattack from Infiltrators, and since he's hiding behind the tank agent, tacticians can't attack him (except EF and any other tank bypassers). Cons: Emma. Psychic Tap then Mental Trauma. Ugh!
  • Or... ditch Dr. Strange completely. Getting the Dark Sigil practically replaces his main function on my team, which is to put on Dark Void. Lots to think about. Well, it's good to keep our brains exercised.

Some stuff

I dug something from my drive. Turns out I recorded one match from way back in Season 1. This is a practice match after season 1 ended.

Old Time PVP03:35

Old Time PVP

Default Costume Cap! You gotta be kidding me! :D

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