PVP Season 3

Attacks: 48 (or was it 43? I wasn't wearing my glasses when I last saw it. I'll assume it's 48.)

According to the Tournament History:

Rating: 970 (Top 14.1%)

Wins: 91

Losses: 78

League: Diamond (Barely made it!)

I don't know why. I wanted to have Psylocke more than how I want Cable, but I didn't shoot for Adamantium, not even Vibranium. It seems I used this season to experiment. I tried out different characters, different weapons, AFK setup, etc. I used Hercules, Iron Fist, Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Beast, and even Hawkeye in his default costume. Won some, lost many.

I guess that was to keep it from being monotonous. My season 2 was just that and I felt really burnt out.  I had fun in that 48 attacks. But then, even when I changed my team, it's still quite tiring when you see the same characters almost every time - GR and EF were the most frequent, followed closely by SW and Mod Dr. Strange (at least in my case).

I was playing 7 hours before the end of the tournament and suffered some losses because of server refresh errors. It drove me nuts and I just settled with the Gold (I was at top 16% that time). But when I came back to check it, I'm at Diamond, meaning I won AFK fights. I guess I got lucky because those paired to me got refresh errors! Haha!

Spec Ops 5

Well, got Valkyrie. I spent the last days to try and 5-star the missions. I managed 5-5-4. I still had 500 U-ISOs and I meant to get the 5-star for the Mission 3. I just needed 400,000 or so points. I had a lot of energy reserves. Why didn't I get the 5 stars for the 3rd mission? Well, I got frustrated with all the refresh errors again. I decided to leave it at that. The good thing is I got the hero and I'm happy about it. 

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