Here we are. Spec Ops 10. Cool.

Day 1

  • Wonder Man Task 1: Battled 2 medium fights. Six HYDRA creeps defeated. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 2: Battled Sandman. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 3: Use a distress call. Forgot on the first high threat fight. Used one on the next. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 4: Deployed Black Cat earlier. Ready for collection. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 5: Two-bird Arnim Zola. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 6: Started Research. Waiting...

Not really sure exactly how much U-Iso I used up. But I have 237 remaining (got some from visits and deploys; Wasted 20 because of a forced refresh during the Epic Boss fight).

Day 2

  • Wonder Man Task 6: Caught some good Z's. Research completed.
  • Wonder Man Task 7: Opened Mission 1. Battled the Skull (Thundra is awesome!). Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 8: Two mediums, One High (Had to fight one Low in between). Done.
  • Constrictor Task 1: ^route above enabled simultaneous competion. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 9: Already done.
  • Wonder Man Task 10: Went for a round of 12.2 to see if it works outside Spec Op. Yes, it does. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 11: Started Research. Let's go do some other things.
  • Constrictor Task 2: Fought Madame Masque. Too bad this can't be done in the three-bird. Done.

Day 3

  • Wonder Man Task 11: Completed Research. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 12: Fought the five daily PVP. (Looks like the final-days onslaught has begun. Booted out of Adamantium straight to Diamond by a 228-point dip. The five battles brought me up to Vibranium again, albeit just to 1.80%) Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 13: Defeat Baron Strucker. Brought some guys who need the XP. Doombringer Strategy. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 14: Opened Mission 3. Did this on the Viper fight. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 15: Accepted ISO from Gifts. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 16: Started Research. Two days of waiting...
  • Constrictor Task 3: I only found four HYDRA Power Armors on Mission 3 (3 in the High Threats, one in the boss fight). Ran Mission 3 again since it looks good for the next set of tasks. Another High Threat and done.

Day 5+

  • Wonder Man Task 16: Research done.
  • Wonder Man Task 17: Fought my Red Skull. Killed him in one go due to excitement. Had to wait for some friends to spawn their Skulls. Fought two, done.
  • Wonder Man Task 18: Already accomplished.
  • Wonder Man Task 19: Sigh. Didn't win Red Hulk. So, team-up battle. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 20: Three practice battles. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 21: Two L9's on the Grim Reaper battle. Done.
  • Constrictor Task 4: I think I accomplished this while running Mission 3. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 22: By doing the above, accomplished this. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 23: Messed up. Had to run again to get to the Reaper. At least it got me to four stars in M3. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 24: Ran M1 and M2 once each. Done.
  • Wonder Man Task 25: Went back to M1. Defeated the Baron. Got my 4th star. Done.

Wonder Man Recruited

  • Constrictor Task 5: Just some wait and had enough Red Skulls from friends. Bash 'em skulls. Seriously, they're easier than the Ultrons. Done.
  • Constrictor Task 5: Ran Mission 2. Done.


Mission 1

  • Stars: 5
  • Total Runs: 5
  • Cumulative Score: 2,990,713

Mission 2

  • Stars: 5
  • Total Runs: 5
  • Cumulative Score: 2,048,060

Mission 3

  • Stars: 5
  • Total Runs: 5
  • Cumulative Score: 1,909,038

Well, what do you know? My Unstable ISO-8 stash was enough for two runs of M2 and M3 each after recruiting Constrictor. Decided to 5-star them. Neat. That's 10 CPs. Very nice since I'm farming for that P5 Emma alt. Had 218 when she became available. Now at 24. Need 16 more for the Tac.


  • Lockboxes opened: 160
  • Duplicate(s): 8
Coiled Collection

Coiled 1 Coiled 2 Coiled 3 Coiled 4
Coiled 5 Coiled 6 Coiled 7 Coiled 8

Constrictor Recruited

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