So here we go. Special Operations 11. I'm pretty psyched up with this one. Daimon and Satana are up for recruitment. Moreover, they've put Taskmaster, Venom, and Blackheart in the game. Well, they are starting out as villains, but Taskmaster and Venom grew closer to being lockbox characters. Well, that's wishful. Let's get to the matter at hand. Since SO3, I have been able to recruit all the reward heroes, so I'm pretty confident about getting Daimon. Satana, well, I have been able to recruit previous lockbox heroes without spending Gold, so I also have confidence with that.

Day 1

Daimon Task 1: Defeat 5 HYDRA Soldiers.

  • These guys again. Haven't we fought enough of them back in the Wonder Man run? Apparently not. Oh well, we only got mission 1, so let's get to it. 2 Mediums, 1 Low. 5 HYDRA soldiers down. Done.

Daimon Task 2: Complete a deploy.

  • I did this within the SO. After the first medium fight. After task 1 is done, the deploy is ready for collection. Done.

Daimon Task 3: Defeat Baron Mordo.

  • We can run to three-bird and repeat the mission for task 5 or just take him out so we do tasks 1-5 in just one run of mission 1. I prefer the latter. That's what I've been doing ever since. Baron Mordo appeared after I collected that deploy from task 2. Battled him. Done. (Daimon feels good so far. I love Blasters.)

Daimon Task 4: Defeat 3 Bruiser Demons.

  • When I opened this task, there's no available Bruiser demons to fight, except the ones accompanying the hood. Turns out I have to fight them plus the one remaining medium threat. No two-bird on this run for me, then. Done.

Daimon Task 5: Defeat Taskmaster

  • I'm one of the guys waiting for him to be added in the game. Here we have him - Taskmaster. We're gonna have to fight him first and hope he'll be a lockbox guy later. Just for fun, I brought out Constrictor to fight him. Oh, and it turns out Generalized prevents him from gaining the class advantage. Looks like they didn't make him into a class changer (as I would've done if I made him). Well, got a few hits in and my agent kept preempting him with the Nox. Done. (And I got the Mimic for my troubles. Cool.)

Daimon Task 6: Research Soul Jar.

  • Same old, same old. Waiting for 8 hours...

Day 2

Daimon Task 6: Research Soul Jar.

  • Collected. Done.

Daimon Task 7: Complete a Battle with Blackheart.

  • So, you only need to take away 5% (unlike the previous 10%) to get the oh so precious Shield Points. Opened mine as an Infiltrator. Blackheart is insane. Back with Red Skull, I KO'd him by doing 120K+ damage. But with Blackheart, I did 80K damage and I just took away 20%. That's some big difference. Well, managed to make him flee without any of my guys dying. Done.

Daimon Task 8: Defeat 2 Members of the Wrecking Crew

  • Before doing this, I remembered two stars would be needed from Mission 1. I just have one. So, I will have to get back. I messed up that run. Anyway, after that, I opened mission 2. After one battle, the first half of the Wrecking Crew appeared. The flow of tasks dictates I need to battle them separately. So, I did. Done.

Daimon Task 9: Get 2 stars on Mission 1.

  • As I mentioned earlier, I went back for a mission 1 run. So, this is already done.

Daimon Task 10: Defeat Venom.

  • Woah! Venom looks menacing! Those animations are real nice, too. Well, we wouldn't take any less, won't we? Anyway, I did this in a two-bird with the remaining half of the wrecking crew. Done.

Daimon Task 11: Upgrade the Trident.

  • Started the research. And I ran mission 2 to epic. Left Mephisto open for bashing. This will set us up for the next task after the 1-day research.

Day 3

Daimon Task 11: Upgrade the Trident.

  • After the wait, this is done.

Daimon Task 12: Use Satana's Fires of Hell 3 times.

  • So, the battle with Mephisto is waiting. Now, we just have to do this battle and stall somehow so that we can use Satana's L2. You can only use the move every other turn. Keep that in mind. So, after the battle with Mephisto, this is done. (It's more likely that you can't run to epic yet. You'll have to run the mission again to team up with Satana.)

Daimon Task 13: Complete 5 deploys.

  • Hmm, deploys huh? And we can do it outside the Op. So, let's do it outside (unless you need stars -- the next one would be for task 19). So do a mission of your preference. Mine is 12.4 -- With 20 Energy, you'll be able to do 6 deploys (assuming you have Cyclops). Another choice would be 7.3. Load it right and you'll have your 5 deploys using 30 energy (you'll need Spidey). By the way, send as many jets as you can on the minimum duration. Two runs of 12.4 and I'm done.

Daimon Task 14: Complete 5 Flight Deck Missions.

  • I told you to send those jets. If you did, then they're likely be ready for collection. If not, well, it won't be too long of a wait anyway. Collect. Done.

Daimon Task 15: Fight 5 PVP battles.

  • I reached this point with the season 9 already over. Practice counts, so let's get it on. Fight five times (you don't even need to win them). Done.

Daimon Task 16: Upgrade the Trident once more.

  • This will take two days. Start it as early as you can. I had to farm some U-ISO through drops when this came. Two days of waiting. Don't forget to collect you U-ISO from visits and gifts in between. We're gonna need everything we can get.

Day 5+

Daimon Task 16: Upgrade the Trident once more.

  • Two days have passed. So this is ready for collection. Done.

Daimon Task 17: Defeat 5 Infiltrator demons.

  • I ran mission 2 again. If we three-bird it, we get three. Well, I decided to do just that. I'll take it slow for now and wait for a Blaster Blackheart to get the other two...
  • Well, I fought my own Blackheart once. He changed into a Blaster after the battle. Now I got my other two Infiltrator demons. At first, they didn't count. But after a refresh, this task was done. I don't recommend following my example. This is U-ISO intensive. We got a lot more days for the SO, so there should be no hurry.

Daimon Task 18: Use Angel's L2 thrice.

  • A lot of us got Angel. We can do this outside the Op. Go to a mission of your preference. I did this on challenge mode so that there's little chance of OHKO-ing opponents, giving a better chance to do all three in one battle. Done.

Daimon Task 19: Get 2 stars in Mission 2.

  • Already done.

Daimon Task 20: Win 3 PVP battles.

  • Practice battles. Not that hard right? Done.

Daimon Task 21: Use Daimon three times.

  • I left the boss battle when I ran mission 2 for Task 17. There, I'll be able to get 1 battle. I'll open up mission 3 after to get the other two there. No hurries.
  • So, I ran mission 3, battling Taskmaster separately to get the required two battles. Done.

Satana Task 1: Defeat 10 Scrapper Demons.

  • With the run of mission 3, I got 4 for this. When I checked, I already have 9. Must have got some from Group Boss battles. Anyway, since I'm running mission 3 again, I battled a high threat, completing this task. That was nice because the next task is...

Daimon Task 22: Collect 5 Demonic Lockboxes.

  • Oh, sweet, the accomplishment of Satana Task 1 was right on timing. I didn't really incorporate the lockbox tasks in the plans but it was in progress while we're accomplishing the main tasks. I'm not sure if we could have been farther in the lockbox tasks. In any case, we're done with this.

Daimon Task 23: Defeat Blackheart.

  • Well, let's continue the mission 3 run. I'm gonna have to pause again since I'm lacking ISOs.
  • Opened the game and I only needed 1 Hard fight before opening Blackheart. Fought him. Done.

Satana Task 2: Collect 5 Soul Jars.

  • I didn't notice how many I got, but this was completed simultaneously with Daimon task 23.

Daimon Task 24: Three stars for all missions.

  • So, the forced refreshes made my 2nd run score only in the line of 100K. I have to run it again to get my third star. Damn, lots of wasted U-ISOs. They should really get this sh*t together. Had to do another run. How disappointing...

Satana Task 3: Fight BH 5 times.

  • Well, ally GBs spawn frequently. Done.

Daimon Task 25 + Satana Task 4: Defeat Mephisto

  • So, it's a good thing I waited. It enabled simultaneous completion. Not that big of a deal since most of us will be coming back to farm for that elusive Hammering Nail. So, I'm doing this on the current run. Still need a few more ISOs. Haven't got a huge haul from the daily. >.<
  • Came back and my ally visits have been reset. Now I have enough. Fought Mephisto. Both tasks done.

Daimon Hellstrom Recruited

Satana Task 5: Defeat 30 demons.

  • If I'm not mistaken, this can be accomplished even outside the Spec Op. In any case, it's not really bad to do within the Spec Op since I'm aiming to get 5 stars for all the missions anyway. Plus, many will be farming for the nice weapons, most likely the Hammering Nail. Anyway, fight your demons. Done. After this, my stars are at 3-4-4.

Satana Task 5: Four Stars

  • Nothing to do but make efficient runs to get 4 stars in each mission. Honestly, some runs I did with mission 1 and 3 were not efficient due to some mishaps. A miscalculation in mission 1 and the onslaught of refresh errors in mission 3. Anyway, done.

Mission Scores

Mission 1

  • Stars: 4
  • Total Runs: 4
  • Cumulative Score: 1,297,102
  • To next star: 710,898

Mission 2

  • Stars: 4
  • Total Runs: 4
  • Cumulative Score: 1,849,056
  • To next star: 622,944

Mission 3

  • Stars: 4
  • Total Runs: 4
  • Cumulative Score: 1,088,375
  • To next star: 735,625


Lockboxes Opened: 210

Duplicates: 13

  • Cover Count:
    • 1 = 1
    • 2 = 6
    • 3 = 1
    • 4 = 1
    • 5 = 2
    • 6 = 4
    • 7 = 4
    • 8 = 2

Demonic Collection

Demonic 1 Demonic 2 Demonic 3 Demonic 4
Demonic 5 Demonic 6 Demonic 7 Demonic 8

Satana Recruited

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