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So here I am writing because of the nerf hit on Captain America. It made me ask, "Was he so game-defining?" Experience tells me otherwise but if you have a different opinion, go ahead and tell me. Just please provide an objective basis.

You see, from my point of view, everything that makes Captain America good is now gone. "Lead the Charge" is one of the best things he's got going on for him. It aligns your strategy pretty well in PVP. It enables Cap to protect your more fragile allies from harm, raising the chance that they can act at least once. They took it away. The chance to evade from "Shield Guard" is now gone. They have replaced all these with a passive (Defensive Stance) that leaves much to be desired (more on this later).

Why do I think Cap doesn't deserve that kind of nerf? Let me list some things:

  • Shield Guard is not even as effective anymore because of the numerous attacks that bypass protection.
  • They also added a new attack that exploits protection.
  • Besides, even before this, you can remove the protection status by using any attack that removes buffs.
  • The cooldown on this skill is a good enough balancing mechanism.

Why do I find Defensive Stance crummy?

  • It's not even always sure to trigger.
  • With the abundance of debuffs that takes away HP every turn, the damage reduced would be negligible.

So here, this is all from my point of view. I know everything I mentioned is debatable. So, I want to know how other people view this. I might continue playing the game if there would be some solid basis for Cap's nerf and not just some developer hate.

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