I'm pretty sure we all hate this:


I get this sometimes. The frequency increases whenever there's an active Spec Op or PVP tournament (much worse during PVP).

Well, there is something I did in order to deal with this. It involves DNS. I will guide you into how I did it.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming that this will eliminate ALL forced refresh errors, since the problem might be due to different reasons. However, this method certainly worked for me and I want to share it. I haven't had any forced refresh since I did it - would be a week now.


One of the possible causes of frequent errors is the Domain Name System.

From About: The Domain Name System is the unique set of domain name records; it transcribes the textual domain names (such as into their numeric equivalents, i.e., IP addresses, in order to make it easier for computer networks to find them via numerical computer languages/protocols.

This is not a computer science lecture, so let's stop at that. What you need to know is that you can change it. Here's how to do it for Windows 7:

  • Open your Network and Sharing Center through the following methods:
    • Right-click your Network Connection on the tray and click Open Network and Sharing Center.


    • Or click the same icon and choose Open Network and Sharing Center at the bottom of that box.


    • Or open Control Panel and choose Network and Sharing Center.


    • Once done, click your connection (highlighted here).


  • You'll be taken to this. Choose Properties.


  • I am only using the IPv4 connection, so that's the only thing I need to change. Click it and choose Properties.


    • If you're also using the IPv6, you also need to change it. Just look for free IPv6 DNS and follow the same procedure.
  • Click the radio button for Use the following DNS Server Addresses and enter your preferred DNS. As you see here, I am using as the primary and as the secondary. This is Google's public DNS. There are many more listed online that you can use for free. Take note that you have to enter both. Click OK.


  • You might need to reset your connection. In my case, I didn't.

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