I'm not sure why, but I just didn't feel as motivated with this PVP season as I did back in season 8. The very boring meta during the early days might have played a part, but even when it passed, I still only played the 5 battles of the day, mostly. At times, I played 10 battles. The final day, I lost count. But I used some 3-battle points (twice at least).

There's something different with this season. Well, at least from my own experience. Last season's final day defense volume was like its lockbox hero - unstoppable. This time, it's not as harsh. When I opened my game, I was in Silver. Not really a big deal since just one battle will bring me up to Gold. With just an hour remaining, the thing I noticed is that I am able to climb steadily without the defensive fights bringing my rating twice as fast. In previous seasons, when the end is approaching I would be fighting one and defending two. This time, it's the other way around.

Were the changes effective in toning down the final-day volume? I can't conclude for sure. I am in the lower ranges so that might be a factor in the low volume of defensive fights. I can say the Vibra-Ada range would be more harsh. But back then, it doesn't matter which league I'm in. The volume was about the same. Only overall experiences from other players can really tell.

In any case, this is where I ended up:

Tournament Season 9
Diamond League


Rating 1,058
Wins 268
Losses 247

No Blaster Aegis for me. Gotta farm 135 for Angel (and more for his announced alt). I can definitely do better next season.

Update: Huh?!? So, I left the game with its Calculating Rewards period. I just heard many people outside the Ada league got the Ada rewards. Thought I wouldn't be one of them, since the same thing happened with Red Hulk (apparently not that many got Rulk through the bug). So, I opened the game and voila! I also got him through this glitch. Kinda feel bad for the players who worked it through, but well, we have to count our blessings. Maybe Playdom's playing the generosity card so we can give them a break for the delay of Season 2. Haha! Kidding. In any case, congratulations to everyone who got him. To the ones who worked hard to attain and maintain Adamantium, I hope you won't take it against us if we're celebrating.

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