• AscendedEvincar

    This is just a personal log, but I will insert suggestions along the way. Don't take them as the absolutely "correct" way of going through the Op. Cross-reference guides from other people and your own judgment and you'll definitely get Heimdall.

    415 CPs worth of heroes? Looks heavy for free players, right? In my case, the total cost of this would be 175 CPs (got MB from the second sale for 160 and She-Hulk for 15 way way back) + the effort during Valk's SO. I think, for some, this is even free (just effort during SO 1 and 5 and unlocking PVP if they chose She-Hulk). For players who are not around during SO 1 and 5, you'd need at least 400 CPs.

    Well, don't decide to give out that 25 Gold just yet. With the seemingly scarce CP-drop rate, you m…

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  • AscendedEvincar

    Dark Reign for Spec Ops Story? Seems nice. It has a very different plot. Ares for reward? I don't have a problem with another Bruiser being added to the roster. Looks good from the outset. Let's see if he's a monster. Well, get your 440 Unstable ISOs and proceed with the tasks.

    It's 8 in the morning here in the Philippines when I woke up. Notification from the MAA Facebook page says Spec Op 12 is now live. Nice! Well, I can go play some MAA before I do the things I need to do for the day. It's already Saturday here so there's not really much.

    Task 1: Test Our Mettle
    • Defeat 5 Test Subjects.
    • Seems like there isn't enough of them. Aren't we battling too many of them in Season 2? Apparently not. I'm looking forward to the Circle of 8, so we can fa…

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  • AscendedEvincar

    The competition is on again. It appears we have a lot of thinking to do with all the new heroes, alts, weapons, and the separate atk/def team.


    I decided to sub-out Punisher. He goes down quite fast. While I'm still winning most of the time, that's quite risky. Since I'm facing many Bruiser agents, I decided to look for a nice Blaster. Well, in comes Havok. He's the Blaster who has the least to worry about Tacticians. His L6 cripples Rescue who is fairly common. Oh, he messes up Omega Sentinels too. He's good.

    I got over the laziness (a bit) and thought out my defending team:

    AFK improved since changing it to BS Quicksilver and WC Phoenix. About 30% win.

    Okay, now I think I have a problem hero: Cyclops. Why don't I want to face him? Be…

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  • AscendedEvincar

    I'm pretty sure we all hate this:

    I get this sometimes. The frequency increases whenever there's an active Spec Op or PVP tournament (much worse during PVP).

    Well, there is something I did in order to deal with this. It involves DNS. I will guide you into how I did it.

    Disclaimer: I am not claiming that this will eliminate ALL forced refresh errors, since the problem might be due to different reasons. However, this method certainly worked for me and I want to share it. I haven't had any forced refresh since I did it - would be a week now.

    One of the possible causes of frequent errors is the Domain Name System.

    From About: The Domain Name System is the unique set of domain name records; it transcribes the textual domain names (such as…

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  • AscendedEvincar

    I'm not sure why, but I just didn't feel as motivated with this PVP season as I did back in season 8. The very boring meta during the early days might have played a part, but even when it passed, I still only played the 5 battles of the day, mostly. At times, I played 10 battles. The final day, I lost count. But I used some 3-battle points (twice at least).

    There's something different with this season. Well, at least from my own experience. Last season's final day defense volume was like its lockbox hero - unstoppable. This time, it's not as harsh. When I opened my game, I was in Silver. Not really a big deal since just one battle will bring me up to Gold. With just an hour remaining, the thing I noticed is that I am able to climb steadily …

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