Because I'm a secretary at heart, and because none of the ISO spreadsheets I've found so far have been automated/simple enough for me, I think I'm going to embark on creating a few of them. I'll add them here as I get around to cobbling them together.


  • Gold ISOs - Agent Uniforms: ODS XLS (covers all levels in one sheet)

Coming eventually: Gold ISO hero sheet, sheets for non-gold ISOs.


  1. Input the appropriate Uniform/Hero stats from your game onto the Uniforms/Heroes sheet for each hero/class that you want to play with.
  2. Choose which class/hero you're using in the dropdown at the top right.
  3. Choose how many ISO slots you have available at the bottom left.
  4. Choose what level of ISO you want to work with at the bottom right.
  5. Play around inputting how many of each ISO you want to add, and the top right box will autocalculate the end results for you.
  6. If you accidentally add more ISO than you have slots, the Quantity column will turn red to let you know you goofed.


I'm broke as dirt, so I personally use LibreOffice. As such, I can guarantee that the files work in that, especially the ODS file, but can't guarantee actual Excel. Sorry about any inconvenience this causes...

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