So if you're like me, you don't have many friends who play, you're paranoid about friending people you don't know and don't want to fuss with lists, and the friends who do play don't share their Get Bonus thingys very often. Net result is that you waste all your gifts on Shield Points and/or you're starving for them.

So I started a group to hopefully help with that. Here's the instructions from the group, to give the overall idea of how it works:

  1. Use your Privacy settings for your apps to set MAA to post to whatever privacy setting you want (either a specific list or "Only Me" if you don't want to spam your own friends).
  2. Hit the "Share" button every time your Agent levels up, you research something, your heroes level up, or you finish a mission.
  3. When you're done playing, go to the resulting post on your timeline (it should say "Get Bonus" somewhere on it), choose "Share", then choose "In a group". Type "M" and this group should come up quickly. Choose it, then click "Share".
  4. You can then delete the post from your own timeline if you want.

How to benefit from the group:

  1. Just click on each link in the grey boxes for everyone else's posts, and it'll bring up the game and let you accept the point. Don't do this in the middle of a fight.
  2. You may want to also turn off Notifications from the group so you don't get spammed, and just visit it manually once a day.

The idea being that if we can get enough people who share at least once a day to the group, everyone can get the maximum amount of Ally bonus Shield points each day. I think it's something like 20-25 per day--good enough along with the ally maps to get 1-2 characters leveled or 1-2 researches done.

The Group is here: MAA Shield Points. We've already gathered 61 members, and I hit my Ally bonus today as a result. But we could still use more people! :)

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