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  • ArkadyDarell

    Bring Ghost Rider and a Tactician Agent (yes really) with QJ.

    Your Agent should alternate between hitting Fixer then using the QJ, and double-teaming Fixer and the Mook.

    Invisible Woman should raise the shields (there's Klingons on the starboard bow), then also focus on the Mook, then Fixer. Or she should heal/de-poison with an item if you need it, though you probably won't.

    Ghost Rider should do the following to Vapor: Highway to Hell first turn, Damnation Chains second turn, Burn Out then Penance Stare third turn. Trust me, she'll be deader than dead. (I've started a little personal contest to see how hard she gets hit. ~16,900 damage is my highest so far.) Then he should focus on Fixer.

    If you don't have a QJ, I'd probably deck out the Agen…

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  • ArkadyDarell

    So if you're like me, you don't have many friends who play, you're paranoid about friending people you don't know and don't want to fuss with lists, and the friends who do play don't share their Get Bonus thingys very often. Net result is that you waste all your gifts on Shield Points and/or you're starving for them.

    So I started a group to hopefully help with that. Here's the instructions from the group, to give the overall idea of how it works:

    1. Use your Privacy settings for your apps to set MAA to post to whatever privacy setting you want (either a specific list or "Only Me" if you don't want to spam your own friends).
    2. Hit the "Share" button every time your Agent levels up, you research something, your heroes level up, or you finish a miss…
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  • ArkadyDarell

    ISO Spreadsheets

    December 5, 2012 by ArkadyDarell

    Because I'm a secretary at heart, and because none of the ISO spreadsheets I've found so far have been automated/simple enough for me, I think I'm going to embark on creating a few of them. I'll add them here as I get around to cobbling them together.

    • Gold ISOs - Agent Uniforms: ODS XLS (covers all levels in one sheet)

    Coming eventually: Gold ISO hero sheet, sheets for non-gold ISOs.

    1. Input the appropriate Uniform/Hero stats from your game onto the Uniforms/Heroes sheet for each hero/class that you want to play with.
    2. Choose which class/hero you're using in the dropdown at the top right.
    3. Choose how many ISO slots you have available at the bottom left.
    4. Choose what level of ISO you want to work with at the bottom right.
    5. Play around inputting how man…

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