Bishop Recruited

Hey gang, I was able to finish in Adamantium and get Bishop for my collection. But I have to say this was the toughest PVP season for me. Why? I blame sandbaggers.

According to PKB's Blog around level 100 things get tough because of the upgrade in Iso's and the extra PVP slot.

But I encountered a lot of Old weapons like the Scroll of bologna and the War hammer Axe on almost all of my opponents. Not to mention Resuce! And on my last fight Vision! I fought a few Mockingbirds but since you can unlock her by playiing the Avengers Initiative mobile game, I can't say they were sandbaggers.

I couldn't get into adamamtium using my regular team of P5 Emma and X-23, I only got into Vibrainum. So after seeing that my opponents were getting in a lot of extra turns I realized it was Cyclops fault! I left my defending team the same. I lost most of my AFK battles, but I did win 2 or 3.

After spamming Cyclops's L6 and L9 abilty, I got into Adamantium. I wouldn't stay there for more than a day, but I would go and fight back up again. I also had some PVP points saved up.

Cyclops Level 6 Ability

Combat Expertise

Cyclops Level 9 Ability


A few Days ago Youtube CJ Edwards mentioned upgrading your armory. Which I did. I don't know how much it helped, but at least it will be there in the future.

I was really surprised that of all my Facebook friends I was the only one who made it into Adamantium. The options were diferent this tournament and I think that made it tougher. I was able to get in the top 0.27%, but my rating was in the 1300's. So I imagine I was high up there with the competiion.

I still feel like Playom still has some fixing to do, I suffered one Combat Validation Error, but I know other people suffered more.

So for the future I'm gonna get the shepards staff and level up my low level heroes as fast as I can.

See Ya On The Flip Side!

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