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  • Aries0083

    PVP Season 11 Tactics

    October 27, 2013 by Aries0083

    These are my attack and defense teams on Marvel: Avengers Alliance my defense is built around quick action items. I call it the win or die team, since protectors can defend everyone from the scanner.

    And my attack team does damage on both the physical and mental plane. Monstrosity and Fist of Colossus to avoid stun and bleeding. X-23 have imperious to stun empowered ISO. So the only one who gets stun is Emma. But sometimes organic recovery helps that.

    I made an investment with the Synthetic Cube and the Shepard's Staff and the ISO. I hope these things will help me keep wining in the future. Good Luck players!

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  • Aries0083

    Hey gang, I was able to finish in Adamantium and get Bishop for my collection. But I have to say this was the toughest PVP season for me. Why? I blame sandbaggers.

    According to PKB's Blog around level 100 things get tough because of the upgrade in Iso's and the extra PVP slot.

    But I encountered a lot of Old weapons like the Scroll of bologna and the War hammer Axe on almost all of my opponents. Not to mention Resuce! And on my last fight Vision! I fought a few Mockingbirds but since you can unlock her by playiing the Avengers Initiative mobile game, I can't say they were sandbaggers.

    I couldn't get into adamamtium using my regular team of P5 Emma and X-23, I only got into Vibrainum. So after seeing that my opponents were getting in a lot of e…

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  • Aries0083

    This was the strategy that was working for me then. But since I'm level 99 now things have changed.

    But the name of the game is extra turns and damamge over time.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Aries0083

    Or how I learned to love buyng gold to get where I want. LOL (it won't all be gold related).

    Coming soon..

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