I just wanted to post some of the random ideas I had for the game. Some people will like them, some will hate them. Its OK because I am not a programmer for this game and its gets them out of my notepad. Some of them have been discussed in the forums and I apologize for revisiting the Topic. Enjoy

1. Multiple Train Heroes

2. Multiple Research Projects

3. Remote operations Settings (Choose Hero and Time setup)[Set Heroes can be sent on RO tasks continuesly, player getting the Silver if they are logged in other wise they wait in a done position)

4. Each SO Character can be purchased for 1250 CP (At Any Time)[25 Special Operation Tasks x ({25 Gold to bypass each Task}x 2 (Amount CP Per Gold) Or the missions can be done to make them free (at the time of the SO)

5. Auto Sell Setup (so you can choose to always sell certain items)

6. Silver can buy Gold, CP, Shield Points

Item Silver 

1 Gold 1,000,000

1 CP 500,000

1 Shield Point 250,000

7. Gold item resale for 1/2 the original gold item cost (Rounded Down)

8. Cp Scale Based on Level

Level Current 200 135 90 48 33 23 15

1-20 170 100 65 35 25 10 Free

21-100 180 115 70 40 30 15 5

100-200 190 125 80 50 40 25 15

200-299 200 135 90 60 50 35 25

300 220 140 100 70 60 45 35

With 1/2, 1/4, 1/3 Sales every 30 Days

Special Operation Heroes mention above would not be counted in the CP scale but would be included in sales.

9. Automatic Prizes for Tournament wins. (No More clicking on get your reward now, if you are online and have the 30 points you get the prize)

10. Deploys give character experience.

11. Options to turn off animations and speed up game play.

12. Ability to send CP as a gift (at level 100+)

13. Gift Skill Points (5) at any level

14. Dropped ISO reflects level

Addendum A: (Moved to Main Body 3/13/2013)

1A: 5 starring a Special Operations Nets you a Mastery gift (like 5 starring all the missions and the premium missions)

1B: Special Operations Items (sets, lockboxes,etc) Can be purchased for gold if you have 5 starred that special operations that it is related to)

1C: Recipricating a Gift, automatically sends back the same gift to that person.

1D: Have a Update and Next Release Tab, that gives information on the next scheduled SO/ PVP Tourney and what the latest Patch was.

1E: Ability to create tables in forums.


1F: Sortable Lists for Remote Operations so you can sort by Level or Remove Characters you dont want to use in Remote operations

1G: Character Area Options to Sort by Name or Level

Re posted AH Idea (3/14/2013)

1H: The idea is an ingame auction house for items. Silver would be the currency and it would be available to all players that had playdom accounts at level 4. I was thinking something similar to WoW's AH. 

1I: Tournament point cap of 200,000 points. If you hit the cap then you win the match and just wait for the time to count down. Also it would be cool to get double prizes if you hit the cap first.

I decided to just keep adding here instead of posting each new idea.

3/17/2013 - Reposted in main body.

1J: Challenge Mode Chapter Points Seperate. Basically Rank up the Mission to 5 stars again in Challenge mode.

3/21/2013 - Account Types

Type |Prerequisite| Daily Spin |Characters| Items(Buy/Sell)          |Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly

Basic |None| 1 |200/135/90/48/33/15| 0/0 |None/None/None/None

Silver |Played a Year| 1 |180/122/81/44/30/14| -5%/+5% |100 Silver/1 SP/1 CP/1 Gold

Gold |$5 / Month| 2 |160/109/72/40/27/13| -10%/+10% |500 Silver/5 CP/1 Gold/5 Gold

Vibranium |$10 / Month| 3 |140/96/63/36/24/12| -20%/+20% |1000 Silver/10 CP/5 Gold/10 Gold

Adamantium$15 / Month| 4 |100/67/45/24/16/7| -30%/+30% |5000 Silver/20 CP/10 Gold/20 Gold

Kree Bracers


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