• ArchonDelNoche

    I just wanted to post some of the random ideas I had for the game. Some people will like them, some will hate them. Its OK because I am not a programmer for this game and its gets them out of my notepad. Some of them have been discussed in the forums and I apologize for revisiting the Topic. Enjoy

    1. Multiple Train Heroes

    2. Multiple Research Projects

    3. Remote operations Settings (Choose Hero and Time setup)[Set Heroes can be sent on RO tasks continuesly, player getting the Silver if they are logged in other wise they wait in a done position)

    4. Each SO Character can be purchased for 1250 CP (At Any Time)[25 Special Operation Tasks x ({25 Gold to bypass each Task}x 2 (Amount CP Per Gold) Or the missions can be done to make them free (at the t…

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