Okay, that one was just dull. Mystic sucked all of the variation in the meta out and if I didn't face a team of Juggs & Quicksilver, it was Phoenix with Juggs, or Phoenix with Quicksilver. Scroll down to see the actual numbers compared to last tournament.

For this last tournament I stuck with what worked for me last time: Havok/Iron Patriot (blaster).

For gear, my Tactician Agent carried: Mystic, Neurotrope, Scroll of Angolab, and Quantum Jumper.

For AFK, I switched between the ever popular BSQS/Juggs and Phoenix/BSQS until Dragon's Foot showed up. Then I bounced around between BSQS/Juggs, Juggs/WWII Cap, Juggs/Grey BW, and finally settled on Swashbuckler Nightcrawler (inf) with Juggernaut.

Defensive gear: Tactician Agent, Mystic, Dragon's Foot, Quantum Jumper, Neurotrope

I made no effort to get into ADA this time, and finished the tournament comfortably in Vibranium as usual.

Frankly, the frequency with which I encountered obvious cheaters once I got into VIB made this not only a dull tournament, but a slightly more frustrating one that at times made me question my commitment.

What follows is a summary of the data I collected during the tournament and some of the conclusions I draw from them. If there is anything else folks are curious about, leave me a comment and I'll try to add it.

Data Captured

For each attack I made, I captured the following:

  • Name of player
  • Rating difference (negative when lower than my current rating)
  • Level difference (negative when lower than my current level)
  • Relative Armory Bonus (choice between Me, Them, or Equal)
  • Relative Hero Bonus (choice between Me, Them, or Equal)
  • Agent Class
  • Gear Used (four slots for data capture; Unknown when I didn't see it or its effects)
  • Heroes Used (two slots)
  • Result (Win/Loss)
  • Difficult (Yes/No; all Losses are automatically Difficult=Yes)
  • Notes

In the Notes section I kept track of things like horrific turn-orders, massive armory bonuses (200k+) coupled with minimal hero bonuses, players that just Outclass me in both bonus areas, and especially annoying combinations to fight against.

For each defense, I attempted to track the same data, but the only way to do that is to pull from what I learn on the attacking side, so I don't trust the last 6 data points to be accurate. Most players switch out between offensive and defensive teams, so it's likely they used different combinations when attacking me than I faced when attacking them. The data from the AFK fights are not included in the analysis below.


Tournament Summary
# Wins %
Offense 613 501 82%
Defense 434 35 8%
Total 1047 536 51%

Within the 613 offense battles, I faced 241 unique players. The most attacks against any one player was 12 but the majority were one-offs early on in the tournament as I was climbing up to VIB. Once there, I faced the same 50 players repeatedly; many of them with Armories that must have been 200k/200k minimum. Good times.

Opponent Summary
Attribute # Same/Higher % S/H Avg #L %L Avg
Rating 270 44% 67 343 56% -77
Level 489 80% 0 124 20% -15
Armory Bonus 125 Same / 272 Higher 20% / 33% N/A 289 47% N/A
Hero Bonus 64 Same / 272 Higher 10% / 45% N/A 277 45% N/A

For those who read my previous post, you may notice that these numbers have improved. I made sure to bring my armory up to what I expect is "average" (taking the value of the current PVP item for sale X 60) and made a point of max-leveling chars as quickly as possible. Right now, I have 43 level 12 characters.

Heroes faced in at least 10% of attacks (Prev Freq is the number from last tourney)
Hero Count Freq Prev Freq
*Phoenix* 257 42% 37%
Juggernaut 239 39% 30%
*Quicksilver* 216 35% 26%
BS Quicksilver (gen) 126 21% 14%
WC Phoenix (blast) 115 19% 19%
BS Quicksilver (scrap) 87 14% 12%
Havok 86 14% 20%
WC Phoenix (inf) 79 13% 7%
X-23 77 13% 21%

Here are the heroes I encountered in at least 10% of my attacks. I have both "any version" and discrete versions tracked for heroes like Phoenix, Quicksilver, War Machine, and Cap as they tend to show up in a variety of forms.

Phoenix still dominates the meta, but Juggernaut made a charge for the top. Things were much more concentrated this time than last with seemingly the same defensive teams showing up all the time. I was honestly pleased to see anyone other than Quicksilver, Juggernaut, or Phoenix facing me. It just seemed so monotonous. Havok seems to have been at least improved on AFK, but fewer left him there, so data is sparse. Mystic seems to have limited what people considered viable to a significant degree. Perhaps Wonder Man will provide a bit of variety next time (he works well with Mystic and Dragon's Foot in play). We shall see.

Agent Class
Class # %
Tactician 290 47%
Infiltrator 114 19%
Bruiser 87 14%
Blaster 64 10%
Generalist 42 7%
Scrapper 16 3%

Little change at the top and bottom from the previous tournament, but lots of shifting in the middle. Tactician increased it's lead over everything else - almost to the point of showing up a majority of the time. Infiltrator popped back to second place and Blaster fell to 4th. I assume both of those were caused by the prevalence of Tactician Agents.

Item # % Prev %
Mystic 373 61% N/A
Quantum Jumper 245 40% 45%
Scroll of Angolab 215 35% 42%
Coulson's Revenge 142 23% 13%
Neurotrope 133 22% 25%
Signpost 99 16% 27%
Reboot 72 12% 15%
Hoarfrost 72 12% 10%
Savant's Spear 70 11% 20%
Warbringer's Axe 69 11% 22%
Dragon's Foot 63 10% N/A
Unknown 543

In many cases, I finished battles too quickly to determine the complete gear carried by an opponent, so there are a ton of "Unknown" entries in my spreadsheet. I consider that a good thing :)

Good grief! Mystic went from not being in the game to being the most often encountered gear. That's impressive. Even more impressive? Dragon's Foot making over the 10% mark even though it was introduced with little more than a week left in the tournament. I'm guessing those 2 will be at the top next time.

I am really regretting that I failed to earn the Infiltrator Power Armor (got Diamond that time). That 25% melee damage reduction looks like it'd be really handy going forward.

Reasons I Lost (out of 112 loses)
Reason # % Prev %
Massive Armory 42 38% 10%
Outclassed 29 26% 57%
Bad Turn Order 29 26% 15%
Unclear 7 6% 11%
Crash 3 3% 2%
Team-wide Stun 2 2% 5%

This data is depressing. The Massive Armory ones are the obvious hackers, but some of the Outclassed fall in that category as well (they just boosted their Hero Bonuses too). This shows that the upper ranges of iOS tournaments are getting more and more littered with hackers, so ADA is becoming more and more unlikely for me going forward.

Amusingly, even with Mystic, I got team-wide stunned a couple of times. Technically, that's a combination of Poor Turn Order and Stun. Mostly, I consider it phenomenally unlucky.

I can't do anything about the hackers, so I'll work on minimizing the turn-order losses. Have to figure out a way to mitigate unfortunate turn-orders with some sort of gear or team change. Given how little thinking went into this tournament, at least that will give me something to play around with next time.

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