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    iOS Agent Venom PVP

    July 13, 2014 by Appleonly

    Okay, that one was just dull. Mystic sucked all of the variation in the meta out and if I didn't face a team of Juggs & Quicksilver, it was Phoenix with Juggs, or Phoenix with Quicksilver. Scroll down to see the actual numbers compared to last tournament.

    For this last tournament I stuck with what worked for me last time: Havok/Iron Patriot (blaster).

    For gear, my Tactician Agent carried: Mystic, Neurotrope, Scroll of Angolab, and Quantum Jumper.

    For AFK, I switched between the ever popular BSQS/Juggs and Phoenix/BSQS until Dragon's Foot showed up. Then I bounced around between BSQS/Juggs, Juggs/WWII Cap, Juggs/Grey BW, and finally settled on Swashbuckler Nightcrawler (inf) with Juggernaut.

    Defensive gear: Tactician Agent, Mystic, Dragon's …

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    iOS Spiral PVP Data

    June 18, 2014 by Appleonly

    I'm a data-driven kind of guy, so I keep careful records during PVP.  I've been asked to share the data I collected so here it is.  Some folks asked last tournament and I never had a chance to pull it together, but I had some free time today and figured this would be a nice place to keep a record.

    For this last tournament (Spiral), I used two teams on offense and several on defense in a desperate attempt to find one that worked.  On offense, I started with a Havok/Captain Britain combination that worked wonders up until I reached Vib.  I then ended up with only a 70% winning percentage in a trailing-10 average, so I switched to Havok/Iron Patriot (blaster).

    For gear, my Blaster Agent carried: Hoarfrost, Neurotrope, Scroll of Angolab, and Qua…

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