I started playing MAA on iOS shortly before the first iOS Special Ops: Avengers vs X-Men.  Over the course of my playing, I've struggled with completing Spec Ops.  I barely completed the first Spec Ops with a couple days remaining. I started skipping tasks with gold (both intentionally and accidentally) from that first Spec Ops but still struggled with the Tasks for every Spec Ops since.  

During the course of the most recent iOS Spec Ops: Ghost in the Machine, I think I've finally figured things out and I've had a fairly successful run through this Spec Ops (my bad luck and general agent/hero gimpiness notwithstanding).  It turns out there are many things one can do during the course of playing Spec Ops missions one assumes will help with progressing through the Spec Ops tasks, but in fact are wasting U-Iso and prolonging the process of completing the Tasks.  But one of the benefits of playing MAA on iOS is the vast wisdom that has been accumulated from the PD/FB players and is published here.  Each mission has an "optimum path" that completes the mission using the fewest energy and U-ISO, but that's not always the most strategic path for completing tasks.

For example, on my first run through Mission 1, I did no deploys, because I didn't need to make the bosses appear quickly, because I wanted to complete separate tasks of defeating Nitro, using Hank Pym's first power and defeating M.O.D.O.K separately.  I could conserve U-Iso by not doing deploys, and instead of 2 bird the boss, I defeated them separately which completed tasks 1-5 in one run of Mission 1.

Because I still had plenty of U-Iso and I failed to obtain more than 1 star in Mission 1, I did another run of Mision 1, while waiting for my first research to complete.  This time using the "optimum path" to obtain 3 stars in Mission 1, which satisfies Task 9 and 1/3 of Task 24.

When I did my first Mission 2 run, once again, I defeated the mini-bosses separately to complete Tasks 7-10 in one run of Mission 2.  Unfortunately, the way this particular Spec Ops' Tasks were organized, I had to do another run of Mission 1 before I could unlock Mission 3.  After defeating the mini-boss, Nitro, in my third run of Mission 1 to complete Task 12, I did not attack Kang, so that I could use that battle to complete the Iron Man team-up for Task 17.

When I started Mission 3, once again, I avoided 3-birding the boss and instead did a Mini-Boss fight to complete Task 19.  At this point, I not complete mission, but instead saved the fight against Kang for Task 23.  I had enough Command Points to recruit Wasp at this point, but I held off on, because once I recruit Wasp, she'll be low level and her team-ups in Mission 2 will be harder because of that.

The remainder of the Spec Ops is just a matter of waiting for sufficient U-ISO and obtaining enough stars in all three missions and finally doing an Epic Boss run of Mission 3 to complete the tasks.  I recruited Hank Pym with 16 days remaining in this Spec Ops and without having to spend any Gold, which I believe is a new record for me.

Hank Pym and Wasp are not paricularly useful or powerful heroes, but that's not the primary reason to recruit heroes.  I'm happy to add them to my roster.  Recruiting heroes is a key part of MAA, and every hero recruited increases my PvP power.

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