Ok, I posted some of the following advice to a post on the iOS forum but I figured it was worth mentioning again for easier reference.

Let me reiterate, I love Special Ops.  I love everything about Special Ops: the additional story, new enemies and bosses, group bosses, the tasks, the special ops weapons, the Special Ops recruitable hero.  It's, hands down, my favorite part of this game.  I've also mentioned in previous posts that I've struggled with many of the Spec Ops until the most recent couple.

The point at which I really started to "get it" was when I started reading up on tasks or PKB's blog before each Spec Ops began so I can plan ahead.  It made a huge difference for Vision of the Future Spec Ops.  I managed to recruit Vision within the first week.  That's a new record for me.

Unfortunately, the first new lession I learned in the Extremis Spec Ops is over-reliance on the wikia tasks page or PKB's blog resulted in my getting sloppy.  I assumed that the mobile Spec Ops tasks would be nearly identical to the FB tasks.  That's simply not the case.  PD removed the Iron Man Mk-42 requirement, because they didn't or couldn't put the Mk-42 armor into the deploy.  They also changed which skill needed to be used in another task. The former change just cost me some CP (though I've thoroughly enjoyed the Mk-42 armor), but the latter change resulted cost me an extra run through a mission.  So the most important lession to take away from this is that carefully reading each task requirement is crucial.

Similarly, failure to carefully read the task requirement caused me to use the wrong skill for one task.  Since I would need a complete extra run of a particular mission to complete that task, I got annoyed and used Gold to skip the task.  Don't immediately use gold to skip tasks that you failed.  Turns out that I would have needed to do an extra run of that mission anyways to complete the following task, so I wasted 10 gold skipping the task.  When you failed to complete a task as planned, re-read the tasks and try to update your plan.

The conventional wisdom of doing the hardest battles first is the best policy isn't always true.  The highest priority is completing the tasks in the most efficient way possible.  By "efficient", I mean the actions that result in the use of the fewest U-ISO while completing the tasks and maximizing mission score.  Getting a high mission score results in quickly getting stars, which pre-complete later tasks, but not at a cost of extra U-ISO.  For instance, in the Extremis Spec Ops, the 4th task was to defeat battletanks.  However, they only appear in hard battles, so when completing Task 1, I only did the easy and medium fights, leaving the hard fights for later so that I didn't have to do an extra run of mission 1 to complete the first 6 tasks of the Extremis Spec Ops.

Tasks that can be completed outside of Spec Ops missions should be unless you were going to accomplish that task anyways within Spec Ops.  For instance, if you need to complete a deploy, you should do it outside of Spec Ops unless you were going for a high mission score or an epic boss run.  Doing tasks outside of Spec Ops conserves U-ISO to help you finish your tasks sooner. 

In the Extremis Spec Ops, I was careful to protect Rescue whenever I needed to complete a task that required using one of her skills, but I got cocky in the So Shall Ye Reap Spec Ops, and assumed Wonder Man could hold his own, but a un-ISO'ed hero is an easy kill for the enemy.  I thought I could maximize my mission score and complete a task at the same time by two-birding the boss fight.  Instead Baron Zermo's 2 attacks followed by a Power Armor's attack all landing on Wonder Man knocked him out before any of my heros had a turn.  In the previous Spec Ops, I was careful to use something like Hoarfrost Mace or other gear and heros to try to redirect the punishment away from the Spec Ops hero.  This failure wasted 20 U-Iso.  Always be conservative and protective of the Spec Ops hero when attempting to complete a task that requires using his or her skills.

On the other hand, never assume bosses or mini-bosses are all that tough when completing tasks that require using a hero's skill.  I assumed Madame Masque would have some staying power when trying to complete Constrictor's Lockbox task.  Between my agent and X-23, everyone was nearly dead and Constrictor only got one hit against Madame Masque before I won.  Use Chrono Accelerators and or Tactical Strikes when your agent or other hero goes first to make sure you complete your task as soon as possible.  However, having learned my lesson from the previous Spec Ops, I didn't use gold to skip this task.  Turns out I needed an extra run of Mission 2 to get an additional star for that mission.

I've got 22 days remaining on the So Shall Ye Reap Spec Ops and I'm on the last 3 tasks, and one is already completed because I have already 3-starred all three missions.  I ran out of U-Iso at task 23 this time.  I should be able to finish the last two tasks as soon as I have enough U-Iso, but unless I get lucky with my Daily Spins, it will take a few days.  No new personal speed record for completing Spec Ops, but in general a fairly successful run.  Only one flub so far, and no accidentally wasted gold.

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