This blog entry is a follow-up to a thread I started on the forum in which I wanted to know how much PvP bonus other level 300 agents were getting when they recruited a tactician.  Although PvP bonus is described within the PvP page of this wiki, I've never fully understood how to transform the description provided on that page with how much bonus I actually obtain.  The description indicates that for bronze, silver, and gold elite bonuses you supposedly get 20%, 60%, and 120% of your "base", and you get a 20% bonus per level of the hero.  But what is "base"?  On iOS we don't get any additional PvP bonus after recruiting until level 10.  I've been unable to reliably predict what my PvP bonus is going to be when I recruit or level up a hero.

After getting a few replies from the community and combining the results with my own collected statistics, I've come up with the following values for a Level 300 agent:

My Estimated PvP Bonus
Bonus Amount Generalists Tacticians Bruisers, Blasters,

Infiltrators, Scrappers

For Recruiting 62.0000* 20.6666* 10.3333* 309.0000 103.0000 51.6000
For Leveling from 9 to 10 10.0000* 3.3333* 1.6667* 51.2727 17.0909 8.4091
For Leveling from 10 to 11 20.6667 6.8889 3.4537 103.0000 34.3333 17.2250
For Leveling from 11 to 12 31.0000 10.3333 5.1666 154.6471 51.5490 25.7200
For Leveling from 12 to 13 41.0000* 13.6667 6.8333 206.0000* 67.3333 34.5000
  • Note: items marked with an asterisk indicates only a single data point.

Agents that are below level 300 will need to compute their scaled bonus.  I only have one data point from a level 119 agent, but I get a slope of 0.0300, if we assume the bonus scales linearly between the two levels where X is the level of the agent and Y is the amount of bonus.

The Y intercepts for each class would be:

Bonus Amount Generalists Tacticians Bruisers, Blasters,

Infiltrators, Scrappers

For Recruiting 53.0347 11.7013 1.3680 300.0347 94.0347 42.6347
For Leveling from 9 to 10 1.0347 -5.6320 -7.2987 42.3074 8.1256 -0.5563
For Leveling from 10 to 11 11.7013 -2.0765 -5.5209 94.0347 25.3680 8.2597
For Leveling from 11 to 12 22.0347 1.3680 -3.7987 145.6817 42.5837 16.7547
For Leveling from 12 to 13 32.0347 4.7013 -2.1320 197.0347 59.7013 25.5347

So to work out how much bonus recruiting or leveling each hero will net you by plugging in your agent's level into the following equation:

Bonus = Agent's Level x 0.030 + Intercept from table above

Note: There seems to be some strangeness in the computation of PvP bonus when the user has purchased alt uniforms.  In cases where the alt uniform is the same as the main class of the hero, there is an unexplained extra boost to the PvP bonus for that class when leveling that hero to level 13.  In cases where the alt uniform is different from the primary class of the hero, the first time any hero of that primary class is reaches level 13 a penalty equal to any gains that the alt uniform should have bestowed is deducted from the PvP bonus, but subsequent heros of that class seem to give the expected bonus.  I only have 3 alt uniforms and only one changes the class of my hero, so I don't have enough data to figure out what's happening here.

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