Another frequently asked question that I see on the forums is, "Is such-and-such hero is worth such-and-such command points?"

Eventually you're going to want all the heroes, right? So the question that is being asked here is, "Given my current limited number of Command Points, should I recruit this hero now?", and the answer to that question is deeply personal, such as "Who should I recruit next?". You'll have to decide for yourself, but I've written this post to try to help you with the decision-making process.

No-Brainers and No Need

There heroes that are worth every Command Point for various reasons. For instance, Storm should be recruited to allow you access to the Epic Boss of Season 1 Chapter 4 Mission 4 which enables you to farm for more Command Points.

Many 135 Command Point heroes are worth their price due to how useful they are. For instance, Psylocke is really one of the best infiltrators. And one can argue many of the 90 Command Point heroes are similarly useful, and you'll know immediately when these heroes are released or from the first time you face one of them in PvP.

So if you need a particular hero and you have the Command Points to spare, then you should recruit that hero to allow you to make progress in this game.  Alternatively, some Spec Ops and Covert Ops tasks require you to use a skill from a specific hero, and rather than recruit that hero, sometimes that hero appears as the team-up for some mission.  In that case, you can simply run that mini-boss/boss mission to use the skill you need without need to recruit the hero.

The Hard Choices

The difficult choices arise from to the lower cost and the 200 Command Point heroes. Honestly, many of the heroes that cost between 1 and 135 Command Points are not "worth" their cost. They may be under-powered or broken. Nevertheless, if you happen to be able to "afford" a particular hero, you should go ahead and recruit that hero (we'll discuss what "can afford" means in a second). Having more heroes increases your PvP bonuses and just about every hero unlocks some premium mission or epic boss or is used in some deploy somewhere.  All of those things are useful.

"Can Afford"

This brings me to the definition of the phrase "can afford". By " can afford", I personally mean: having over 500 Command Points and a couple of weeks before the next Special Ops to farm for more Command Points. I know  you might be thinking that I'm insane to suggest the possibility of having 500 Command Points banked up, but with faithful farming and judicious spending you can bank up a lot of Command Points. For instance, I am a spendthrift when it comes to my Command Points. I virtually never buy alternate uniforms.  From time to time, I can manage to get my stockpile of Command Points upwards of 500 or more.

And why 500 or so Command Points? Because if you don't have all the heroes needed for the deploys for the next Special Ops, it will usually (and note this "usually", because sometimes it could be a lot more) require around 420 Command points to recruit the heroes needed for the Epic Boss deploys.

The 200 Command Point Heroes

This brings me to my last point to discuss, which are the formerly Special Ops reward heroes that eventually gets released for 200 Command Points. In almost every case, these heroes are totally worth recruiting if you're getting them as part of your Special Ops, but it becomes a more difficult decision to recruit this hero when they cost 200 Command Points.

Ok, one could argue that a Special Ops hero isn't really free but rather costs you 400+ Command Points if you need to recruit all the heroes needed to do all the deploys, but that's not a completely valid argument because you're getting those other heroes will be getting all the benefits of having those heroes that I mentioned above.

Let's take a look at the Special Ops heroes.  I'll be discussing some heroes that are currently permanently available for 200 Command Points as well as those that have been released for limited times, as well as those that haven't been released yet, because eventually this question will come around again for those heroes, so I figured we might as well talk about it now. 

Magik is one of my "go to" scrappers.  She does a fair amount of damage while enabling the rest of my team to do extra damage.  On top of that she can apply Soulfire and Melt Armor on my enemies.  I used Ghost Rider during the seasons when Hotshot made a regular appearance in PvP.  I still use him when I'm facing an enemy that attacks a lot.  By collecting up all the Sin, I can easily one-shot the enemy.  Are there other scrappers for less Command Points?  Sure!  Blue Costume Quicksilver, Swashbuckler Nightcrawler, World War Hulk, and Shatterstar immediately come to mind.

I used Valkyrie in a couple of PvP seasons with great success in spite of her propensity to recharge all time time on PvP defensive teams.  That not withstanding, her ability to resurrect and heal my team got me into Vibranium League twice and she's able to prevent Counter-Attacks which was great when Hercules was on everyone's PvP team.  Yes, there are lots of better Bruisers.  Just don't write her off out right.  My one complaint about Valkyrie is that her Deathwatch skill is too dependent on chance to be reliable. 

Emma Frost was was a PvP powerhouse when she was initially released on the Facebook version of MAA.  Unfortunately the iOS version comes pre-nerfed.  It looks like there is a chance that her Unlock Potential skill may become a Quick Action, which would be nice, but even without it, she has specific uses.  She's not a huge damage dealing Tactician like Black Panther or Iron Patriot can be, but her ability to clear debuffs and recharge stamina makes her uniquely useful when those two skills are needed.

I still use Havok on my PvP teams.  He's a one-shot wonder, but shouldn't be left in your PvP team for defense due to his propensity to recharge all the time when controlled by the AI, but when you need an enemy Bruiser put down in a hurry, he's your guy.  If you're looking for another one-shotting Blaster, the next best choice is Thane, but that will cost you lockboxes.

Hank Pym is a strange Tactician.  He doesn't look like much, but combine his Army of Ants with his Bug Squashing and  throw in the Unstoppable Force buff from Juggernaut and you have a Tactician that can potentially one-shot the entire opposing team in PvP.  Takes a fair amount of effort to wind up and Red Hulk is fair substitute if you're looking for a heavy-hitting Tactician.

Vision and Rescue have their uses.  They can drag a PvP battle out for a really long time, which can be annoying as hell for both you and your opponent.  Nonetheless, Vision can quickly take out enemy Bruisers as well as Tacticians, which isn't something that all Blasters can boast.  Rescue can be added to any team where you need to stay alive for a really long time, such as when you need to keep a newly recruited Spec Ops or Lockbox hero alive while using some skill a fixed number of times against a boss or a mini-boss to complete a task.  There are no exact substitutes for either of these heroes.  If you're looking to drag out battles and annoying your enemies Shadowcat is a fine alternative to Vision.  There really isn't a substitute for Rescue on iOS.

Wonder Man is one of the better "protector" Bruisers in the game.  His innate ability to resist damage over time  that also increases his attack and defense as his health declines combined with a heal buff that gives extra attacks when protecting makes him a formidable protector.  But is Wonder Man better than Hercules? That's really hard to say.  As for Anti-Venom, he is not a paricularly good Bruiser.  He has the ability to remove buffs from your enemies and generalize and neutralize them, but he doesn't do much more than that, and that alone probably won't be a compelling reason to choose him. 

Daimon Hellstrom does a lot of damage and has the biggest heal of any hero in the game.  He is comparable to Thane in that sense, but Thane's heals are for your whole team and tiny by comparison.  If you pair Daimon with his sister Satana, you have an impressive team.  Alone, Daimon's just another Blaster.  Just one with a huge heal.

There are a lot of Tacticians available in the game.  The thing that makes Black Bolt special is that he can buff your entire team with many stacks of Ambient Particles which will prolong any battle.  His Whisper attack blocks buffs on all enemies while his Power Word attack can do an amazing amount of damage if your team has sufficient number of Ambient Particles buffed and stacked.  I add Black Bolt to my team when I know I'll be in a long battle and need a strong finish.

Nico Minoru is an interesting hero and quite annoying to face in PvP.  She deals a lot of damage, can come back from the dead once (if she isn't afflicted by Despair), and can give a teammate an extra turn.  If I only had 200 CP, I'd pick Havok over Nico, and if I needed a blaster to give teammates an extra turn, I could always choose Cable.

If there is any 200 Command Point hero that can definitively be deemed to be "not worth it" on iOS at this point, it would have to be Heimdall.  Heimdall is so broken on iOS that makes him a liability to your team.  None of his passive abilities seem to work correctly aside from being AsgardianThe Eternal Vigilant buff that his Vigilance skill is supposed to buff himself with doesn't prevent attacks.  Cannonball was the hero that was just released in the most recent iOS special ops. He deals very little damage and there's virtually no reason to spend 200 CP for him over any other blaster in game.

Lockbox Heroes

I suppose Lockbox Heroes are worth mentioning.  You can only recruit them by earning or buying lockboxes.  Most of the Lockbox heroes are pretty interesting in their own right, but you will need 183 Lockboxes on average (opening them 10 at a time) to get a lockbox hero.  That makes lockbox heroes the most expensive heroes in the game if you're not lucky enough to earn sufficient lockboxes during the Spec Ops or PvP Season that awards them to recruit them.  The only lockbox hero on iOS that I consider a "must recruit" is Juggernaut.  Many of the other lockbox heroes are fun to play, but not needed.  If there's a lockbox hero that you can definitely pass on that would be Constrictor.


Well, there you have it.  If you have the Command Points to spare, then there isn't an reason not to recruit a hero.  If you're a bit on the fence about a particular 200 Command Point hero, I hope this helps.

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