I've been playing MAA on iOS for a while now.  I think I would be classed as a casual player, but I think I'm doing fairly well nonetheless. I don't purchase a lot of gold, but I'm willing to make an investment of a few bucks now and again if there's a hero or an item that I really want.

The part of MAA that I enjoy most are the stories (chapters, special ops, covert tasks) and seeing the various heroes in action.  My goal is to recruit as many heroes as I can and level them up to at least level 9 so I can try out all their powers in the various missions.

I really dislike PvP.  It's stressful to me and feels terribly arbitrary.  Seeing match-ups with 2 identical heros facing each other on opposing teams seems ridiculous to me.  However, I also recognize the need to participate in PvP in order to gain a chance at an extra roulette spin each day and the hope of making Gold League and earning my 10 gold at the end of a PvP seaspon.  The chance at getting additional gold or command points in order to fulfill my main goal of being able to play lots of different heros is too important to pass up.  So to that end, I come back for my PvP humiliation each day when a PvP season is running.

All that being said, I don't need all the best Limited Edition or Special Ops gear (though I really wish I had a Scroll of Angolob, since I've been repeatedly thwarted in PvP because of it.) and I've made peace with the possibility that I'll never recruit all the heroes (especially the ones that are the reward for PvP Adamantium League), but in order to stay at all competitive in PvP, it's necessary to obtain a new Limited Edition weapon every now and then or else I'd never manage to even get into Gold League in PvP.

I don't have any alt uniforms and have not recruited about 8 of the currently release heroes.

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