There is some confusion about a bug/behavior on iOS MAA when attempting to get epic bosses to appear.  The general comment is "sometimes the epic boss doesn't appear".  Here's some advice to consistently get your epic boss.

First, let's get the really obvious items out of the way:

  1. Make sure you're doing a level with an Epic Boss
  2. Make sure you've completed all deploys and battles. 

I know these two details seem to be insanely obvious, but sometimes people make simple mistakes.

Now, if you're on a mission that you know for sure has an epic boss and you've completed all the deploys and battles, here's the final important detail:

Do not under any circumstances restart your game after you have defeated the mini-boss(es) or boss.  If your game crashes after you have defeated the mini-boss(es) or boss, the epic boss will not appear.

There used to be a bug in the MAA iOS game wherein if you restarted the game after defeating all the mini-bosses and/or boss, the mini-boss(es) would reappear on the map after you restart the game.  When you defeated the mini-boss(es) again, you could make the epic boss appear while obtaining a phenominally huge mission score -- essentially getting full credit for defeating the bosses multiple times.  You cannot do this anymore.  The mini-bosses no longer reappear and additionally the epic boss will not appear.  Just don't do this.  Don't defeat your mini-boss(es)/boss with other battles still on the map.  Clear the map of battles and deploys, leaving the mini-boss(es)/boss on the map for last.  Up to this point you can restart your game all you like without endangering the appearance of the epic boss.  In addition to not restarting the game, you also want to do whatever you can to reduce the risk of your game crashing while attempting to reach and fight the epic boss, which can cause the epic boss to disappear or not appear at all.

Here's my advice for doing an epic boss run:

  1. Complete all battles and deploys first, before fighting mini-boss(es) or boss. I mentioned above that the epic boss will only appear after all battles and deploys have been completed, but having the game crash with battles still on your map but after you've defeated the bosses will prevent the epic boss from appearing.  
  2. (Optional) Reset the app when there's nothing left on the map but the mini-boss(es) and boss. This reduces the chances of your app crashing after fighting the bosses due to any memory leak or other accumulated problems.
  3. Fight the mini-boss(es)/boss/epic boss in one go.  It doesn't matter whether you three-bird the boss or fight the mini-bosses separately.  Just do them all in one go.  However, two- or three-birding the boss if possible, because this reduces the number of fights before the epic boss appears, which also reduces the risk of the app crashing after one of the other boss fights.
  4. Make sure you have enough energy/U-Iso or whatever ready when you start your little run of mini-boss/boss/epic boss battles.  Having to leave the map to buy stuff just increases the chances that you're game will crash, and a crash after you've defeated the mini-boss(es)/boss is the same thing as restarting the game.  The net result is the epic boss will not appear.

That's how to make sure you get your epic bosses to appear on iOS.

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