Hello there! Welcome to the Simulator Experience! As we enter the Simulator, beware of nasty villains like Galactus and Red Skull.

I want to see which Simulator missions have give most XP. The last Simulator, Mission 10, gives at least 500 XP. This is good for training heroes. However, lower level heroes may not get the full benefit of that mission, as it is difficult. Also this mission is difficult for many players. I will experiment with all 10 Simulations and I will rank the best missions for XP. So whether you seek 10 gold or XP, you will leave this post enlightened with which missions have lots of XP.

1. Boss Rush

2. Replication

3. Multiple enemies

4. Score Challenge

5. Single Enemies

I will update as I get to the missions because I have limited Simulator points.

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