Class is in session! Have a seat Agent! No, really take one of the chairs, too many here. Hey I want to get rid of them, alright? (Joke Blog post-of the most absurd degree)

Iron man is a blaster because red armor. Scarlet Witch is blaster because red!

Colossus is bruiser because he blue-ish Aymans is blue. He should be Bruiser Hulk and She Hulk are green. Tacticians Juggernaut is red. Blaster

Deadpool, Daredevil, Magik, and Spiderman are red. Blasters Luke cage is a scrapper because yellow. Green Quicksilver is Tactician please. Blue Quicksilver is Bruiser!

Psylocke must be Infiltrot because puurplle!

Gamora is green. Tactician! Why Tactician! NERF HER! TOO OP! We want infiltrator Gamora! Playdurm muke Drux tuctucian!. Drax is green!

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