Currently trying to do last minute CP farming. Its a wild shot, but I hope to get lucky and get 180 CP needed. I am aware there are hundreds of these pages written by others, but hey, I am farming in 12.2. Since I am farming, I might as well record current drop rates. I have no idea how much I will do. I begin with 89 CP. Let's get ready to farm! I have been expecting you.... to farm for Command Points..

Anewaero :P

Run Boss Viper
Round 1 1 cp 3 cp
Round 2 Consumable (Xanthine Alkaloid Injector)
Round 3 5 cp! Healing Serum
Round 4 5 cp! 5 cp!
Round 5 Junk gear 3 cp and 1 gold (level up)
Round 6 Relentless Iso-8 Cystal 3 cp
Round 7 Gravity Sheild Battery Powered Hand Cannon
Round 8 1 cp Napalm Junk XX
Round 9 1 cp Spry Iso-8
Round 10 Damage Amplifier 3 cp
Run Boss Viper
Round 11 P.E.W. Dingo Battery Powered Hand Cannon
Round 12 1 cp 3 cp
Round 13 Damage Amplifier Bulky Iso-8 Crystal
Round 14 Quantum Elixir Smoke Grenade
Round 15 Careful Iso-8 Crystal Resilient Iso-8 Crystal
Round 16 Damage Amplifier 3 cp
Round 17 3 cp Tough Iso-8 Crystal
Round 18 1 cp 3 cp
Round 19 P.E.W. Dingo Bulky Iso-8 Crystal
Round 20 1 cp Team Healing Elixir
Run Boss Viper
Round 21 Lasting Iso-8 Crystal 3 cp
Round 22 1 cp Durable Iso-8 Crystal
Round 23 Quantum Elixir Large Energy
Round 24 Quantum Elixir Strong Iso-8 Crystal
Round 25 Forceful Iso-8 Crystal Chaotic Grenade
Round 26 Steadfast Iso-8 Crystal Flourishing Iso-8 Crystal
Round 27 3 cp 3 cp
Round 28 1 cp Masterful Iso-8 Crystal
Round 29 Strong Iso-8 Crystal Spitting Viper
Round 30 Consumable Careful Iso-8 Crystal
Run Boss Viper
Round 31 The Immobilizer 3 cp!
Round 32 Robust Iso-8 Crystal Battery Powered Hand Cannon
Round 33 P.E.W. Dingo Dexterous Iso-8 Crystal
Round 34 Quantum Elixir Battery Powered Hand Cannon
Round 35 1 cp 3 cp
Round 36 1 cp Frag Grenade
Round 37 Team First Aid Pack Battery Powered Hand Cannon
Round 38 Offensive Accelerator Spitting Viper
Round 39 3 cp JACKPOT! 10 CP!
Round 40 1 cp 3 cp
Run Boss Viper
Round 41 3 cp Spitting Viper
Round 42 PEW Dingo 5 cp
Round 43 Frag Grenade Xanthine Alkaloid Injector
Round 44 1 cp 3 cp
Round 45 3 cp 3 cp
Round 46 1 cp 3 cp
Round 47 1 cp Battery Powered Hand Cannon
Round 48 1 cp 5 cp
Round 49 Boss Viper
Round 50  ? Viper

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