Hey there this is Andrew5545 and this is my first blog and I'm hoping that you guys enjoy it and share your views with me. PvP is the reason why most of us try so hard to get command points to get these characters to showcase our skills with them. The PvP is good but it can also become rather difficult and frustrating and makes you sick to down to the bone that you do not want to play it any more but that being said it can also be very easy and enjoyable once you start to master it and start to dominate the arena.

Now we all know the PvP has been improved and it has changed with everyones rating being reset but the stats are still now this have frustrated alot of people including myself with my rating in the 1200s can't remember the exact figures now in the 900s and I'm getting my ass kicked. It has gotten very tough because most of the time I'm fighting opponents who are way higher than me and demolish me (well not always) this brings me to the topic of the best PvP characters to use.

Captain America

Captain America so far best PvP character in my view

Ah my good friend Captain America to me the best PvP character when equipped with his World WarII suit he is the reason for most of my demolishings and I'm sure alot for you as well. His suit gives him the shield guard for 3 turns (very annoying) and counters attack when attack he dodges most of the time and his counters are very powerful, he also always takes the first turn and raises all stats that being said he's like a dbz character way too powerful (I love dbz) reason why I recommend him for PvP you can't go wrong with Cap

Emma Frost

Frost another great PvP character
Emma Frost she has a diamond body, can remove the debuffs, attacks are great not to mention she's hot shes a great choice and shes a great team player with her unlock potential boosting your stats and the mental trauma is also a good move but its a pain emma is a must have and would do great in any team but remember shes limited so do not waste no time of getting her.

Black Cat

Probably the most underrated Character but shes awesome and hot

Black Cat probably the most underrated character I usually do not see alot of people use probably because they think that shes crap but i guarantee you once shes at level 9 you'll be like holy cow shes a beast yup I use her in PvP most of the time and she does wonders for me cat scratch + stroke of luck + nerve chop you can better well say goodbye plus her alternate uniform is awesome and she looks hot in it rrrrrrghhhhhh

Scarlet Witch

shes a witch a hot and wicked witch

Scarlet Witch shes the daughter of magneto, sister of quicksilver and shes a witch what more could you want , she has reality warping which makes her dodge like crazy and techniques like hex spheres and chaos shield shes a great team player and is a good partner for Cap she is very recommended and very powerful and useful in both PvP and missions.


hes spider-man what else can I say

What would this be with out the your friendly neighbourhood spiderman. Spiderman is one of those very annoying PvP characters with his great responsiblity and spider sense hes the best infiltrator and hes very agile so hes hard to hit and plus with the symbiote web is extra damage what more could I say recruit him.

Ms. Marvel

Now finally Miss Marvel now this may seem as a shock to you and you may be saying where is wolverine, dareddevil, Hulk and Thor now I can not put all of them em I know the above mentioned are great for PvP but this list are the people I see most useful and best for PvP and this is just my opinion so please don't get offended by choices. Now Miss Marvel first of all she is hot and shes very powerful and the reason why I chose her in front of the above and fellow blasters like Ironman, Storm and Phoenix is because of her new uniform with the seventh sense this move is very useful and she takes an immediate turn after dodging and she also absorbs energy attacks into stamina yeah shes good and I recommend getting her with her new uniform blaster not bruiser as I don't see bruiser as a good choice in PvP since so much people have blasters .

So that's it I hope you enjoyed my article feel free to share your views and keeping on playing MAA

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