• Amorean the Corrupt

    Alright sometimes I get stumped on who to level so im in a pickle all my heros are level 9 and most ready for 10 so heres the deal they all need to be leveled to 10 but I sort of want you guys to decide the order funny huh. 

    So there are some rules

    1. first rule is you get one hero choice and maybe a second one 5 posts after.

    2. Tell me why them or just make some jokes about their playstyle this is for fun.

    3. If one has been mentioned its done it will confuse me if its entered again.

    3b. If a new hero comes out I will level that one to 9 before continuing any 10,s so give me some time.

    4. No insults to other wiki contributors especially the mods

    5. Have fun this isnt just  a list enjoy others opinions.

    Taken (*means already done or in the wors)


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