• Alphasyndrome

    Alright, so new PVP season is upon us, with Angel as the ultimate prize.

    Am I expecting to make it to Adamantium this time?  Hells no, never been close  (except in the old system, around level 30), so I'm not expecting to get it this time.  But I'm aiming for Vibranium and the Blaster armor.  I've never been really a PVP player, but I feel like I have good heroes and good gear now, so I'll be trying this with a bit more seriousness (and a loftier goal than getting the gold and if I get the weapon, yay)

    So without further ado, here are the day's Stats!

    • Starting Rank : ???
    • Highest Rank reached today : 884
    • End Rank : 815
    • Team
      • Infiltrator Agent
        • Warbringer Axe
        • Kuzuri
        • Neurotrope
        • Scroll of Ocirebi Nomaj
      • Omega Sentinel - lvl9
      • Union Jack - lvl9
    • Nb of fights init…

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