there is many cool season 2 drops can useful here is a list (you can comment cool weapons)

de liste commando carbine 1.5 off balnce makes it cool againist combo braker

vickesr machine gun-restred vickers machine gun chapter 1.6 just wait few turns and bang many attacks in a row restored is a one target and catastrophic

depletor - depletor mk2 2.5 useful cuz of damage reduction mk 2 reducas damage by %50 but you lose a turn

chaosshot smg 2.6 makes debuffs and exploits them

revolt 5 2.6 6 attacks in a row 

staff of askeplos 2.4.4 a useful heal

2.4.6 high capaticy incentreor unit adrenaline is a usefull buff

pshyhic amplier its powerfull cuz %60 change of a buff and energize and a quick action

sharpshooter patch 6.3 becouse every a quick action with 2 round cooldown and makes next attack guaranteed hit and crit 

uterpendragon 7.1 its very useful couse of unstopable and finest hour

blind  justice cool buffs for and blinded

brahanbloodhammer 7.6 makes energy and fire attacks heal for you

and best alts are heroic age iron fist and nul 

ps all drops are cool those are best ones

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