• Alpermaltepe

    Best season 2 weapons

    January 31, 2015 by Alpermaltepe

    there is many cool season 2 drops can useful here is a list (you can comment cool weapons)

    de liste commando carbine 1.5 off balnce makes it cool againist combo braker

    vickesr machine gun-restred vickers machine gun chapter 1.6 just wait few turns and bang many attacks in a row restored is a one target and catastrophic

    depletor - depletor mk2 2.5 useful cuz of damage reduction mk 2 reducas damage by %50 but you lose a turn

    chaosshot smg 2.6 makes debuffs and exploits them

    revolt 5 2.6 6 attacks in a row 

    staff of askeplos 2.4.4 a useful heal

    2.4.6 high capaticy incentreor unit adrenaline is a usefull buff

    pshyhic amplier its powerfull cuz %60 change of a buff and energize and a quick action

    sharpshooter patch 6.3 becouse every a quick action with 2…

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