Ooookay. This blog isn't really for other people, and more for just me.

I made another facebook account exclusively for playing Avengers Alliance, so my main account (already at level 300+) can have more allies. This blog is mainly about which heroes I bought/acquired, when I acquired them, and why, for this new account.

Where it might help is give new players an idea of who to recruit first when they're new, and the order they recruit heroes. Remember though, that you can buy any hero you want in any order you want. It's your sort of fun. I'm trying to acquire heroes balancing fun and future planning.

As of the start of this blog, my new account is at level 21; leveling up quick is fun for me and right now I can level up in PvP 24. Lots of things I could've done differently the first time, but here's to having fun.


Hero Acquired Cost Remark / Mentality Behind the Choice Timetable
1. Iron Man free The first hero we all play with is free. Pre-Missions
2. Black Widow free The first team-up. Pre-Missions
3. Hawkeye 1 CP S1C1M1 team-up. S1C1
4. Iron Fist free Combo Setup exploitation with Black Widow, planned to use them in PvP early. Also, Combo Breaker. He didn't have this yet when I started the game in my main account. He used to suck eggs and now he's awesome. That task where you choose a free hero from 4 different ones (She-Hulk, Invisible Woman, Iron Fist, or Cyclops).
4.5 Avengers: Age of Ultron Black Widow 15 Gold


I had gold. I didn't get to buy this in my main account immediately and wanted to try it. So why not? I feel like this works a bit for early PvP (even if I don't win the upper prizes). I like it. Also, counters are fun. 

4.5 Avengers: Age of Ultron Hawkeye 14 Gold


I kinda liked the alt in my main account.

5. Invisible Woman 15 CP Since my BW is currently a scrapper, I want another Infiltrator. Besides, she crits a lot when I use her.  S1C1M2
6. Cyclops 15 CP

I like Flanked. I better get him early.

Again, could've gotten She-Hulk. I'll get her next before Ms. Marvel. I do have a preference to not get bruisers until later on.

Having 6 heroes (and two other tasks) unlocks S1C1M3.
7. She-Hulk 15 CP My first bruiser.
8. Ms. Marvel 15 CP Should've taken her sooner. She's an amazing Blaster. Now done with all the 15 CP heroes.
9. Colossus 23 CP Given that there are lots of Vampires in the Spec Ops, I need someone who doesn't bleed. Sure, Doctor Strange is needed here but...I prefer him as a team-up (with more attacks) than levelling him up fast-track. Special Operations Instruments of Darkness

I'm currently on a slight break from playing, will update this once I finish grinding, getting command points and stuff. :)


So...after grinding and all that:

Hero Acquired Cost Remark / Mentality Behind the Choice Timetable
10. Doctor Strange 23 CP I...didn't get Dr. Strange while SO30 was going on, since he'd be at level 1 while I need him as a team-up on missions. I then decided not to finish the SO. So I didn't get Spitfire . Or Baron Mordo . Good team healer though. after SO30
11. Black Cat 23 CP New infiltrator, since I have only Invisible Woman as a current infil.
12. Human Torch 33 CP Great early hero for damage. I just liked him better than the next 23 CP heroes.
13. Sif 23 CP I didn't wanna get Sif early unless I could get her bruiser alt, which I kinda like. The sprite is better and doesn't make her legs look like a log. But to get more heroes, I guess I have no choice. I like scrappers anyway.
14. Luke Cage 23 CP Thus, to complete the 23 CP heroes. Also, buddies with Iron Fist. But I stash him in quinjet missions to level up.
15. Storm 48 CP For the sake of farming at 1.4.4, got Storm early. But haven't really used her much because I'm enjoying most of the next characters...
16. Jessica Jones 30 Gold The price I indicated on the left is, of course, the bribe for Task 25 of the SO, since I don't have the heroes for getting her epic boss battle. My most ued bruiser, I love her. Or I just love Flanked so much and her L2 has it. Special Operations - Jessica Jones
17. Boomerang 140 LBs? Or maybe less than 140 LBs? I got him very quickly for some reason opening 10 LBs at a time. Maybe just 110?  Special Operations - Jessica Jones
18. Kitty Pryde 33 CP Well I don't really like Kitty Pryde, haven't been able to explore using her properly, and I enjoy the other characters too much (Jessica, Boomerang, AoU Black Widow mostly). But might as well get her, since she's the deploy in 1.12.2.
19. Quicksilver 48 CP Hm. I didn't get him early in my first account (can't believe I went after Deadpool first before him), so I got him early now. I'll get the blue generalist alt asap because I like it. It is nifty.
20. Red She-Hulk 30 Gold Yay, Generalist. With Flanked. Special Operations - Follow the Leader
21. Winter Soldier 170 LBs I almost didn't get Winter Soldier. On the last day, I finally got enough group boss wins and got him, with around 7 LBs to spare. Special Operations - Follow the Leader


22. War Machine 48 CP Bolstering my tactician roster..since I only have Cyke. And Boomerang. And Hawkguy is in an AoU generalist suit.
23. Mr. Fantastic 33 CP Simultaneous acquisition due to CP surplus (nah I just had 80 CP after the 60 CP give away day for the 4th year anniversary). M:AA 4th Year Anniversary Day 8
24. Daredevil 48 CP Simultaneous acquisition due to CP surplus (nah I just had 80 CP after the 60 CP give away day for the 4th year anniversary). And then 2 CP from a chapter 2 mission. M:AA 4th Year Anniversary Day 8}

At this point, I can't believe I'm playing more season 2 than season 1. In a way, I wanted to make sure I got enough heroes for 1.12.2 before I actually went on there. I have to admit season 2 is much more entertaining for me at the moment (since season 1 sets it all up and I've played all of it in my first account). Once I get better gear (even if it's just chapters 1 and 2 of season 2 right now), I'll head back to season 1 and grind to chapter 12. Updates next time.

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