• Aldranger

    My Hero Acquisition Log

    October 6, 2015 by Aldranger

    Ooookay. This blog isn't really for other people, and more for just me.

    I made another facebook account exclusively for playing Avengers Alliance, so my main account (already at level 300+) can have more allies. This blog is mainly about which heroes I bought/acquired, when I acquired them, and why, for this new account.

    Where it might help is give new players an idea of who to recruit first when they're new, and the order they recruit heroes. Remember though, that you can buy any hero you want in any order you want. It's your sort of fun. I'm trying to acquire heroes balancing fun and future planning.

    As of the start of this blog, my new account is at level 21; leveling up quick is fun for me and right now I can level up in PvP 24. Lots of t…

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