Whenever many M:AA players see Rogue, they shake their heads due to her lack of effective attacks and abilities.

Rogue-Alt Art

"It's time for me to run for a makeover!"

Even though Rogue's stats are very overpowered, it would be best for a "Rogue Makeover" to occur.  

Just like Hawkeye, Nightcrawler, Ironman, and War Machine, I believe that rogue should get new abilities and attacks a the cost of stats.  This blog will have everything down.

Rogue's New Stats

Health: 890
Photon Enemy Stats

Those bars and numbers are what we call stats.

Stamina: 1113

Attack: 223

Defense: 200

Accuracy: 178

Evasion: 267

Rogue's New Abilities 


Immune to ground attacks 

Stealthy Stalker

Rogue starts the battle with Stealthy Stalker and will gain it every turn.  It can only be applied up to one time and is removed after Rogue uses an attack. Having Stealthy Stalker when Rogue attacks

can help her unleash an additional effect while attacking.

Classy Changes

Rogue changes classes into the same class as her attacker whenever she is attacked.  Rogue stays that class until next her turn ends.  

Rogue's New Attacks 

The new attacks are: CLASSified Brawldown, Draining Snipe, Stalking Stance, and Sister from the South.

===CLASSified Brawldown


CLASSified Brawl


This attack is a 113 stamina Unarmed Melee attack with an 88% chance to hit and a 11% chance to crit.  It deals 112-156 damage to a single target and has deadly crits.  If this attack hits succesfully, as long as Rogue has Stealthy Stalker, this attack may activate a followup attack.  CLASSified Brawldown also has attack bonuses as long as Rogue is not a generalist.

Blaster Attack Bonus  As long as Rogue is a blaster, CLASSified Brawldown has True Strike.

Tactician Attack Bonus   As long as Rogue is a tactician, CLASSified Brawldown inflicts Cornered.

Infiltrator Attack Bonus  As long as Rogue is an infiltrator, CLASSified Brawldown inflicts Stunned.

Scrapper Attack Bonus  As long as Rogue is a scrapper, CLASSified Brawldown inflicts Off-Balence

Bruiser Attack Bonus  As long as Rogue is a bruiser, CLASSified Brawldown inflicts Melt Armor

Draining Snipe

Rogue-Drain Essence

Draining Snipe

This attack is an 89 stamina Ranged Magic Bio attack with an 88% chance to hit and a 11% chance to crit.  It deals 114-138 damage to a single target.  Draining Snipe is a Bio-Attack that causes Energy Drain OR Absorb Class.  If this attack hits sucessfully, as long as Rogue has Stealthy Stalker, this attack may cause Rising Up.

Stealthy Stance

Nightcrawler-Shadow Dance

Stealthy Stance

This Self-Buff Activates Phased, and the next attack Exploits Class (The next attack deals extra damage to non-generalist targets).  It canoot fail and only costs 89 stamina.  In addition, as long as Rogue has Stealthy Stalker, all enemies are distracted and Rogue gains WHERE DID SHE GO?!? (All allies must attack rogue, but Rogue has a 30% chance to dodge the attack on top o existing stats and abilities.  This does not count as a protect ability.)

Ms. Marvel-Original-iOS

Sister From the South

Sister from the South

This attack is Rogue's personal distress call.  With subtle, quick action, and single use, Rogue calls up Ms. Marvel to either punch in a Brawl or shoot in a Photon Blast. The attack that Ms. Marvel makes will hit and crit, and has true strike.  This move is not affected by Stealthy Stalker.

Please Comment

If you believe that I have done a bad job in creating this blog or have violated the rules of Wikia or M:AA, please feel free to give constructive criticism to me in the form of a comment!  Any ideas may work, and I love to hear constructive criticism, realistic or not.  Know that I will not reject you if you comment and that anyone who cyberbullies you at your idea will be reported.  


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