• Alan morris yay

    Whenever many M:AA players see Rogue, they shake their heads due to her lack of effective attacks and abilities.

    Even though Rogue's stats are very overpowered, it would be best for a "Rogue Makeover" to occur.  

    Just like Hawkeye, Nightcrawler, Ironman, and War Machine, I believe that rogue should get new abilities and attacks a the cost of stats.  This blog will have everything down.

    Health: 890

    Stamina: 1113

    Attack: 223

    Defense: 200

    Accuracy: 178

    Evasion: 267

    Immune to ground attacks 

    Rogue starts the battle with Stealthy Stalker and will gain it every turn.  It can only be applied up to one time and is removed after Rogue uses an attack. Having Stealthy Stalker when Rogue attacks

    can help her unleash an additional effect while attacking.

    Rogue cha…

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