After about 10 runs at 7.3, while the drops were better, my luck wasn't. So I have nothing to show for the 10 runs I have made, and with the announcement of Mockingbird's availability soon, I am back to 4.4.

4.4 hasn't been kind either has I have had two completely empty runs thus far, but hopefully it'll get to 90 CPs by the time Mockingbird is available - or at least before the offer expires.

PVP-wise, I need to create a decent AFK team as my current setup seems to lose every single time. It's funny since it does well enough when I'm controlling it - not quite sure what it is that messes it up when the AI controls it.

Agent: Arc Reactor, Sudden Support, Faulteater, Phoenix Flame

-very simple strategy. open up with a faulteater (especially agaisnt Emma, since it doesn't trigger diamond skin), then just keep shooting with AR-SS-PF until only one opponent is left, at which time I switch to AR-SS-Faulteater.

-the fault eater does not trigger anything, so it goes around tanks. the flame is an area attack so it does not get hampered either. The only problem is when facing Magnetic Fields, as it prevents one-shot kills and gives the opponent free turns. Still, it is worth plowing through it as opposed to using the Faulteater to get through it.

FF Invisible Woman (Infiltrator)

-again, nothing fancy. Look at the opponent, and decide to either open with a force field or an attack on the opposing tactician. Against Mockingbird, you also have the option of force caging her, but since Mockingbird does not have shield-penetrating attacks, the forcefield works better.

-IW's attacks all get past tanks and does not trigger any counters, and her volley goes past digital decoys.

P5 Emma Frost (Tactician)

-Strange is proving to be a truly annoying PVP force with the sheer number of mystic stuff he piles up, especially the blaster version when Emma goes twice. Infiltrators are also a pain, but since only her War Diamond causes counters/blocks, she can work around stuff just fine.

-Her unlock potential is often used as a debuff, but strange's bane does not get removed, making strange a real pain to deal with.

-Still, she'll either open up with a war diamond/mental tap against blasters, then use the tap or the diamond after surveying the field.

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