Not that anyone is terribly curious, but as of now:

24/25 in Spec Op. 5

  • Will probably get Val with 20 days left or more, since I need 170 ISOs for it. 
  • Still planning to collect nothing but ISOs from friends to 5 star all three while shooting for all three drops.
  • Hoary Mace, Odin's Staff, Deathwatch (Val), Screamer all seem to point at something.

Waiting for Deadpool

  • Since I splurged on Tigra and have only 77 CP left, will probably need to farm a bit to get him.
  • Still miffed that I missed out on Mockingbird; if it wasn't for work!
  • Don't see a potential combination using him on any team... yet.

Levelling all the other heroes

  • Quite a jam since leveling costs hours and silver
  • Tigra needs most work; other heroes are at least Level 9.

Thinking of a new PVP combination

  • Sick of Emma/Ghostrider
  • Will probably PVP using some other team earlier in the tourney
  • Hopefully I won't have to fall back to Emma/GR

LVL 12 Heroes (10)

  • Blasters: Ironman, Human Torch
  • Tacticians: Emma Frost, Black Panther
  • Scrappers: Magik, Wolverine, Sif, Ghost Rider
  • Infiltrators: Black Widow, Invisible Woman
  • Bruisers: None
  • Generalists: None

LVL 11 Heroes (9)

  • Bl: Phoenix (have Tactician too, but currently Blaster), Scarlet Witch
  • T: Hawkeye, Captain America
  • S: None
  • I: Spiderman, Gambit
  • Br: Colossus, Hulk(training)
  • Generalists: Rogue

LVL 10 Heroes (13)

  • Bl: Dr. Strange, Ms. Marvel, Storm
  • T: Cyclops, War Machine
  • S: Daredevil, Ironfist, Luke Cage, Quicksilver
  • I: Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler
  • Br: Thing, Thor, Hercules
  • Generalists: None

LVL 9 Heroes (6)

  • Bl: None
  • T: Mr. Fantastic
  • S: Spiderwoman
  • I: Black Cat
  • Br: She-Hulk
  • Generalists: Beast

LVL 4 Hero: Tigra MISSING: Mockingbird, Deadpool, Cable, Valkyrie

Obviously Tigra to 9 is my priority. The others I'll wait for them to pop up on side bar missions, and if I have time to kill, it will be Blasters - Tacticians - Scrappers - Bruisers - Infiltrators that will be leveled up. It will get tricky once I get Val and Deadpool; with Tigra that's 3 heroes I need to juggle while getting the rest levelled up ASAP.

Hopefully I'll have more PVP bonus to play with in the next PVP tourney, although I still think that I'll probably end up at Vibranium at best.

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