Starting at 1106, 5.9%

2.9% drop in rankings. Dropped considerably less than before; not sure if it's due to number of fights or if it is because I changed my AFK team.

PVP Bonus:


T12, 11, 10, 12, 11, 9, 10, 10: 5,292

B10, 11, 12, 10, 10, 10: 787

Br11, 10, 11, 9, 10, 10: 771

S10, 10, 10, 10, 12, 10, 11, 7, 12: 1160

I8, 11, 11, 12, 9, 10, 10: 898

G9, 11: 254/51

-P5 Emma, WW2 Cap, G Agent Scorpion: ARC, SS, Phoenix Flame, CRevenge(+16, 1122)

AI actually used ARC-SS-PF in the correct order.  Wow.

-P5 Emma, MB, G Agent Ang Ka Pal: Signpost, MFG, QJ, Faulteater (-14, 1108)

Diamond body failed, and MB just killed off Emma in her first turn, so that was that.

-P5 Emma, MB, G Agent Neres: Faulteater, CRevenge, (-13, 1094)

MB goes past diamond body, gets tactical insight, gets assisted by Emma(coordinated attack) and again my Emma is dead on her first turn. Emma War Diamond's my agent, MB gets coordinated attack on my agent. Agent Signposts, then Faulteaters IW, MB again gets coordinated attack. And it basically went on and on with the coordinated attacks. Wondering if they upped the percentage here.

-P5 Emma, MB, S Agent Laser: Signpost, Dark Sigil, Sinister Sceptre (+16, 1110)

-T Strange, P5 Colossus, G Agent Chrome: MFG, Signpost, Faulteater, Cosmic Flame(-14, 1096)

Something seems to have changed, so change of teams seems to be in order. A shift in balance?

-P5 Emma, MB, Bruiser Agent Apache: Faulteater, Spider Sense Injector, Pinion, Soulfinder (+18, 1113)

Tried Ghost Rider, but he really doesn't do much it seems, especially at lvl 10.

-WW2 Cap, GR, G Agent: Signpost, Quantum Jumper, OFK (+14, 1127)

Focal Plasma Cannon is not worth the trouble.

-GR, Herc, G Agent Arwen GI: Dark Sigil, Signpost, QJ, (+18, 1145)

Pinion doesn't deal enough damage with my PVP bonus.

-P5 Emma, WW2 Cap, G Agent Bytch: Faulteater, Signpost, DD, (+14, 1159)

Rogue has nothing against Cap, so ouch.

-P5 Emma, WW2 Cap, Blaster Agent Ah: Signpost, QJ, (+16, 1175)

Pinion works against agents with Signpost, so that's a good thing. Scarlet Witch is a great liability against Cap, I forgot.

-MB, Quicksilver, G Agent AJ: Signpost, Dark Sigil, (+14, 1188)

Mockingbird almost killed Colossus on her first turn, so I guess a bruiser is not a good thing.

-P5 Emma, T Strange, S Agent: MFG, CRevenge, GTBlade (-16, 1171)

Beast will take some work using. Doesn't have that one shot thing going yet.

-Modern Colossus, T Strange, G Agent Paredes: CRevenge, Signpost, QJ, (+18, 1188)

Cyclops works slightly better, but not by much.

-P5 Emma, Mockingbird, S Agent Biboy: MFG, Soulfinder, (+19, 1207)

Black Panther doesn't have much against Cap too, forgot.

-P5 Emma, T Strange, G Agent Amami: Signpost, Goblin Glider, Marksman's Spotter, Hotshot (-13, 1194)

Ok, Magik doesn't really fit.

-P5 Emma, B Strange, S Agent Cronus: MFG. MSpotter, COverdrive, Pinion (-18, 1175)

Using Blasters is too much a risk.  Blaster Strange does not work for me.

-MB, WW2 Cap, G Agent Bride: GSEagle, QJ, (+17, 1192)

Don't know what I'm supposed to do with all these unstable ISOs.

-P5 Emma, B Strange, S Agent Cronus: MFG, MSpotter, CO, Pinion, (+15, 1206)

Same guy as a couple lines above. Replaced Strange with GR and won this time.

-Modern Colossus, GR, G Agent Itsy: Pinion, DD, (+20, 1226)


It seems that Invisible Woman works best for me at this level.  I'll have to place some other heroes to level 12 to see if I can replace her, but so far she seems to best complement Emma and deal with the opponents I meet.

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