Spec Op 8 is pretty much done for me except for the lockboxes and the boss drops.

Although I have managed to get Vision, none of the other drops were granted this time, so I will plow until I run out of time. That Ultron touch was really nice, love that they're trying new ideas.

Omega lockboxes have been extremely unfriendly, and have had 6 duplicates thus far with only 6 covers. Since I don't think the lockboxes expire, I won't be putting as much gold as I did in order to get Magneto, but it seems that once time is up, there is no way to get them without spending gold, so it seems all the same.

First impression on Vision and X-23 are okay, but as I have other heroes training, it will take a while until I can get them to level up. Once Black Knight hits 11, I'll probably focus on getting the two leveled up, although they're bound to hit stretches of limbo since I still have plenty of level 11 heroes that needs to level up.

As for the more recent heroes:

  1. Punisher - very nice, just wish that his level one Bruiser was single-target. I am finding that his level 6 attack is generally useless unless for very specific purposes, and although tedious, I find his tactician mode against blasters to be the best because he can hit a blaster as a tactician, then switch to infiltrator/scrapper for the second hit in order to get the retaliation going. Leaving him as a tactician is also an option because he can join attacks as well. All in all, very nice.
  2. Hank Pym - not so sure but he hits hard due to his passives, and his level 1 being stealthy is a big plus when trying to hit blasters hiding behind protection. That and the ant attack makes him semi-viable against infiltrators too, which is always nice.
  3. Wasp - not so bad, not so great, especially on maps with mechanic targets. But her opportunist procs very often and is fun when used against tacticians. She's also great at setting people up for paragon exploiters.
  4. Mockingbird - only here since i got her recently. She's all I imagined her to be, although for me she doesn't seem to hit as hard despite loading her with attack shards. Oh well. Oh, she is just amazing when paired up with anyone who can make her hit again - Tactical Insight, Coordinated Attack, Mind thingie from Psylocke... ouch.
  5. Captain Britain - overpowered still. I enjoy using him, and he's on my pvp team along with White Phoenix. I never really get to use the curse of the underworld since fights rarely last that long and people don't leave debuffs for that long either. I find his paragon exploiting attack to be especially useful against Ultron, paired up with Colossus as Col can apply two of the necessary debuffs for curse of the underworld.
  6. X-23 - only used her first attack, and she's okay..
  7. Vision - from the Spec Op usage, it seems he's legit with 3 different modes and the phase. It will be interesting to use him, especially with Phoenix if timed right.
  8. Psylocke - decent, better when on another team. Her coordination thing in conjunction with Hawkeye's pin-point is a true nightmare when it procs.  
  9. Fantomex - nope, don't have him

All in all, I'll have plenty to do in PVE. I will be more interested in PVP if the loading didn't take so long and if they didn't nerf half my armory, but it is what it is.

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