This is shaping up to be the easiest of the Special Operations for me, for a couple of reasons:

  1. I have all the heroes (been the case since Spec Op 5, but hey)
  2. I have Magneto (opening up with Graviton Well since almost all opponents are magnetized is nothing to scoff at, not to mention the pre-emptive strikes and the relative derth of infiltrators, especially in mission 2)
  3. They give you UISO's from friends from the get-go; they will be less of a problem this go-around.

Other tidbits:

Since I won't be short of UISOs unless I aim to get 5 stars in all three, I will be treating the Spec Ops just like regular missions. As only mission 3 has an Epic boss, I don't think 5 stars will be a problem even so. This means that I'll be using it to level my heroes, as opposed to using a combination with the best chance at Perfect Strategy or highest team-up value.

With the Sentinels being fodder for Magneto, who's locked out for mission 4.4, this is the perfect place to level Magneto and I'll be farming 4.4 when Magneto is being trained.

First spin already got me the temporal shield thing, though on its own, I have no idea if it's worth anything. Sure it's a quick action, but unless I get more gear exploiting it, it's far worse than MFG (it's shield is 1/3rd, with no free turn at the end).

Hank seems nice, but he is also dangerously low in stamina, which is exaggerated when meeting blasters.

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